Sunday, June 27, 2010

wow what a birthday..a day in control..what a nice gft..

we were all taking our pictures with the big bear..isnt he cute..

this has been the most amazing has been so much fun..we started out last night watching the western and at counting down to midnight was fun and my family sang happy birthday to me..then we got up today and before we went anywhere i cleaned the house some..our sister and brother in law came tonight for a week so we were cleaning for the last few days..but around 3 we went to the rocky mountain chocolate factory and it was so cool..they had every kind of chocolate you could imagine..they even had chocolate potato chips..can you my sister and i got a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone..all i wanted..i figured the calories must have been around 450 so i counted it like that..i was giving myself 1600 and hoping i would stay within that..i got a free chocolate truffell and i gave it to my brother so he could taste it not into the troufells but he liked it..i just wanted ice cream..hehe

so we were there for about an hour and looked around and i took lots of was great..i really had fun..we even had our picture with the big bear outside too..hehe and so then we went home for an hour before we went to cici's ..some of our cousins came around that we didnt know was in town ..of course we should have because we have a reunion tomorrow for my moms cousins..and so we will be there for a little while ..anyway we visited for an hour and then we were off to cici's..i was really conscious of this place my mind i was saying you can do this know you can..and guess what i did..i did do it..

i walked in and when i got my buffet, i went over and started down the line and went for the pasta first ..but then i stopped and said no you dont need extra pizza..i was going to order the supreme thin pizza and eat 2 slices and thats it..and thats what i did..i went to the salad and ate that without the dressing..and ate the little bowl of pasta and then i even went over and got the brownies myself for everyone but not me..! i didnt get a brownie and i always do..i didnt do a cinnomon roll either and i always do 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4..i didnt do any...i didnt need it and it was added calories..i had an 1/8 of the cake which is 230 calories and i left it at i did good..i really did..i was so pleased..

when we came home then a few minutes later i went with my friend glen and he and i ended up at braums..he bought us banana splits..i had done well and still had 220 calories to hit the 1600 but i knew this was going to do something..but to my surprise i didnt eat even half of it..he said he didnt want me to eat it all if i didnt want it..and as much as i wanted it..i didnt want all those i threw it away..i ate some of it but most of it went into the im not sure how many calories i ate there but i did well just the same..i even drank 5 glasses of water along with all the sweets but it was a good day..all day long it was a good day..i enjoyed it and plan on having a blast all year long til my next was amazing ..and all my fb friends were amazing as was a happy birthday for sure..i enjoyed it and will always remember onto next year..!


  1. Sounds like a great day! Now back to dieting LOL- WE CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Amazing changes for you...a very happy birthday indeed.

  3. Happy birthday Kelli!! I love you sis, and I'm looking forward to seeing you later today (Sunday).

    Good guesstimate on the ice cream at RMCF. A 450 ice cream cone for that place, sounds about's super premium I'm sure!

    Great job at the pizza buffet too...

    You're in control of your choices, you're not deprived of your favorites...You're satisfied and full--not stuffed and miserable. You're transforming your habits and your body---for a wonderful future.

    Love you sis,

  4. Great job on the eating Kelli! You really rocked it.

    Glad you had such a wonderful day! You deserve it.

  5. Hey kelli. Great job on restraining yourself. That must have been really hard. Especially the cinnamon rolls...mmmmmm...I love cinnamon rolls.
    Happy Birthday again.
    Here's wishing you a really fantastic year. Big hugs.