Friday, June 11, 2010

it seems so normal now..

just look at the change..the heavier one was taken about 2 years was in 2008 ..i was 356..and this is me today..somewhere around 301..and i hope smaller than that now..what a change ..and it because i made my mind up to do it..iam focusing and will not stop til i get there..i think i might be looking better as i age..ya

well today just seems like any other day ..except its a day where all i drink is water now and all i end up focusing on is my health..a very normal day for me now..not so normal a few months ago..i didnt used to even want to talk about dieting or watching the calories, and my goodness never drink water..i am really focusing on it and its starting to show with other people i know..i was just told tonight how proud of me my friend is because he sees how much i really want this..i have overcome my pop addiction and thats not a small thing to do..i dont drink diet pop either..its straight water right from the tap..and my mind is set on getting healthier and walking i havent walked this week and that is something i dont like to get away from...i know walking is part of the main keys to weight loss..its all in there..walking calories and water..the 3 w's..watching, walking and water..hehe

i drank 88 ounces of water today and i just wonder if you can drink too much water..i know when my aunt died a few years ago, they wouldnt let her have her water..she loved water and drank it all the time like i do now..and when she was passing away they wouldnt even give it to her..before that they said she drank too much water and had to take her off i wonder what is toooo much..!

well i was sick today and spent the day in the bathroom ..i went to work but i wasnt feeling well before wondering if its just the heat..i mean it has been getting close to 100 degrees lately..

i sure enjoyed the conversation my friend and i had tonight..we get along so great feels so good to be able to laugh again..and now he is getting serious about his weight too..he is a diabetic and he is starting to count the carbs ..he went to a nutritionist and was given a plan to go by for his diabetes..i am really happy he did..i was starting to worry about him..and he is getting so excited ..all he wants to talk about is the nutrition and what he has found out and iam so glad..we had a good talk tonight about it..

i ended up with 1390 in calories and actually it wouldnt have been that much if i hadnt gotten a polish sausage at a convience store tonight..i was hungry and this was all i could see that i could eat..i looked at the twinkies and the cupcakes but said no do you really want those calories..that is junk food..i needed i got a polish sausage and ate bread just the hot dog..260 calories and it took me to im okay with that..

now i go to another day of focusing on my health and better days ahead...i remember when i was younger i just thought about the pop i was drinking..where to get my next coke..or for me it was dr.pepper..all the time..i had pop in my hands all the time..and now i have water in my hands all the time..i was always scared i was going to choke and i wouldnt have anything to drink..thats why i always carried something with me..but it didnt have to be pop..and now its not..i cant even imagine how much pop i used to was a lot..80 to 100 ounces of reg. pop and oh so many many pounds..and such an its gone and gone forever..thank you God for that..


  1. The difference in those pictures is VERY noticeable--and this will excite you: Only the beginning!!! You're beautiful sis! And yes---younger with every pound lost, absolutely! (share that idea with my mom too, will ya?) It's so true!
    I LOVE your new blog layout---LOVE IT!
    Oh---and, kicking that pop addiction is a HUGE victory Kelli, I mean HUGE.

    I still have maybe 1 or 2 diet 7-Up's a week while at work---but never regular---I can't, it's like drinking syrup to me. You're so far ahead of me on the water---straight from the tap---wow, I could certainly learn a thing or two from you! I'm still addicted to those zero calorie flavor packets...and really, once you put one of those in a bottle of water---it's no longer water. The molecular structure changes...but anyway...
    You're doing fantastic---and my heart swells with pride and love for you.
    Can you believe this? After a lifetime of obesity for both of us, we're really getting down to business here. It's beautiful. Keep it up Kelli.

    your nephew


  2. the difference is REMARKABLE.
    and lots of that, to this misfits eyes anyway, is the contentment and peace and JOY radiating from you.

  3. Kelli, I am SO PROUD of you!!!! You are doing so great! (((Hugssss Galore))) Love you bunches! ~angie

  4. Water and walking. It will get us there.

    Let's keep it up!

  5. I like that you have a real life friend also making a change in lifestyle and making good choices. That support must be really positive to have.

  6. It's so obvious that you've lost weight in this photo...and it's a wonderful difference! :) You are a beautiful woman.

    What is even more special to me (as a girl who is also losing weight) is that you look so much happier in the recent picture.

    There's a scripture that I carry around with me all the time, and I think you might appreciate knowing it if you don't already..

    "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." - Hebrews 12:11

    You should be so proud of yourself for your discipline Kelli. It's so worth the effort we put forth..

    Keep up the outstanding work Kelli!

  7. What a difference! Not just in how much thinner your face is, but in how much happier you look.
    Yay You!

    You are not drinking too much water. I drink (or try to) 100 ounces every day - which was recommended to me. That water makes you feel so much better, doesn't it?