Saturday, June 19, 2010

well i think i am doing it right..

i have been doing this blog since march 4th and actually i started walking feb.22 and within those few months i thought maybe i would have lost like 30 pounds at least..but i started feb.22 at 329 and by march 4th i was 317..and now if i have lost any lately i may be 305 again..i just dont get it..i am walking and did walk today only 3/4 of a mile tonight but i was so tired and it was 1100 pm so i walked as much as i could..i drank 54 ounces of water today and i finally got to 1100 calories..i have given up my yogurt cone today, so that took 220 calories just had tooo many carbs in it..33 carbs wow..

but i think i am doing it sister and i go to a nutritionist next see what she sister is diabetic so we need to know what she can eat..i did lose the inches right away but now iam not losing anything and its getting me down..i wanted to lose and of course it shouldnt be like a race..i never do races because i dont do well with races..its the pressure i guess..i know i have my whole life to get this weight off..and it will come off as soon as it needs too but i just wish it would at least drop 8 pounds a that too much to ask for..?

i am having a hard time getting in my walking in the is so hot here and iam working during the evening, that i dont feel like going out into the humidity until its almost time to close..then its like okay i will just walk at home..our park right now is so dark, and new people have moved in all over that i am not sure i want to walk around the park after dark..i just end up walking in front of my home like i did was the best thing i think..i did 3/4 of a mile in 17 minutes so iam staying fast..which is friend cant hardly believe that i can walk that fast since all he has ever seen is me walking slowly..i would just stroll along side of him and now i am walking just as fast as he is..pretty good for just a few months..

my birthday is next week..on the 26th and we are going to go to cici's pizza for the day and then when my sister and her husband get here the next day or so we are going to the stockade the next weekend for my i guess i get two birthdays..whoohoo..

i want to be a 100 pounds thinner by my birthday next year..that would be the greatest birthday present ever..i hope i get there..i know i will i just hope its by then..well i did just have 1100 calories tonight..i hope i dont gain weight doing that..but its hard for me to find food to have all the calories i need..when i went to work this evening i had only had 700 calories at that now i have it up to 1100 ..

well i am off to bed is really late and i am bushed..
have a great saturday and GOD BLESS YOU ALL


  1. Kelli from everything you say here on your blog I also think that you are doing it right. It has just now been 4 months and if you are at say 305 then you have lost 24 lbs. That is around 1.5 lbs. a week. That is a very healthy amount to lose.

    I am a night owl myself and I personally workout a lot late at night. It is what works for me so that is what I do. I know that money is tight for you all and trust me that I totally understand but I will tell you what helped me the most. I got a Gazelle made by that annoying Tony Little. You can get one at Wal-mart or Academy Sports, or even online at like Amazon. There are a few different models but the basic one is just fine and what I had. Mine cost right at $100 but I think you can get one now for around $80. It is low impact and for us beginners it is perfect.

    When I first started out on it I could only go for a couple of minutes. I slowly got up to 5 mins, then 10 mins., then 15 mins. but eventually I was up to a full hour.

    There are a lot of people who talk crap about the Gazelle and say it is not a workout but let me tell you it kicked my butt. That is how I dropped so much weight right at first. I loved my Gazelle.

    The only reason I am not using it anymore is because my husband got me an elliptical at a garage sale and so I upgraded to that. I gave my Gazelle to my sister and parents. My Dad has started using it and said he has no idea how I ever went over 15 mins. on that thing. I told him what I just told you, that you have to build up to it.

    Get you one. They fold up and can lean against the wall. You can use it while you watch tv or just listen to some music. I live with my in-laws and hubby and I have all of our stuff in just one bedroom and I still was able to make room for the Gazelle.

    If you have something there within reach that you can use to workout it is so much easier to get a workout in no matter how hot it is or if it is raining.

    This is the best advice that I can give you. Oh, and it is not loud at all so you can use it at night and not wake up the house/apartment.

    Good luck!

  2. Man oh man, it takes time. We can't control the scale and it's made me so angry and frustrated at times! Be patient!

    Have you considered the "Walk Away the Pounds" exercise DVD's by Lesley Sansone. I do those on the really hot days in my air conditioned TV room.

  3. Kelli, you are doing it right. 1 or 2 lbs per week is a slow and steady loss, and it's easier to keep a slow loss off once you reach your goal.

    I think the nutritionist will help you a lot. She will tell you how many calories your body needs and how many to cut in order to lose, say, 2 lbs per week. She will also tell you what percentage of your meals should be protein, carbs, fat, etc., and what to eat. It sounds to me that you need more protein and to really watch the fat and salt.

    Also, what I noticed about myself is that I ate out too much. I couldn't control what was in restaurant meals. I didn't know what kind of oil they cooked in, how much butter they added, how much sugar, salt, MSG, etc. Also, it was easier to overeat because the portions are so large at restaurants. Maybe you could try preparing most of your food for the week on Sunday evenings and not eating out so much. This really did help me a lot. I found that preparing ahead let me not wake up every day and wonder what I was going to eat.

    Just a few suggestions. But I think you're basically already on the right track.

  4. Kelli, why don't you tell us what a typical day looks like for you? Mine is odd because I'm a true morning person ( I read only 10% of the population is!). I am up around 5 AM, get on the computer, have breakfast early, walk and take my dog out as soon as it's light,clean the house, run errands or work 2 days a week where I leave by 7 AM, and I have basically afternoons free from 3 PM on. Sometimes I do pool exercises and I take the dog out for a walk. I am rarely up past 9 PM in the evenings and I never eat after 6 PM or so. I'm a slow loser too- I always have been although a couple of times, I've lost 5 pounds in a week. I don't like to eat out- too much $$ for the quality IMO.

  5. You are not doing it right yet because you haven't learned *Patience*

    Seriously, your here. You've stayed here. You are making some healthy choices in eating and moving. What happens if you don't loose X amount of weight by Y date. I use to play that game and drive myself loopy. Then think about what I could have weighed if I had just did and stuck with X back a year or six years ago.

    This is a journey, but that path curves and wonders a bit at times. Don't forget where you want to go, but realize it's going to take time.

    Are you not *already* a proven winner by dropping weight, eating better, and moving more? Of Course!!! Just keep winning one day after another.

    The greatest hitters in baseball only really get on base about 1/3 of the time.

    At Foolsfitness just showing up is a workout and a win!- Alan

  6. Stick with it and you'll see the results.
    You mentioned how much faster you are able to walk. You need to remember that the scale is only one method of measuring your progress.

  7. Be proud of yourself! You have lost 24 pounds! That's awsome! You can't loose 100 before you loose 24!

    This is just what I have learned from a few different places. To loose 1-2 lbs a week, take your weight and multiply it by 12, then subtract 500 from that.(makes a 500 calorie deficit) That end number will be the number of daily calories you need to eat to loose 1-2 lbs a week. (weight X 12 - 500= daily calories) I have been told that if you go too low on your daily calories your blody will think it's in starvaton mode and hold on to any weight it can.

    I have also been told that if you zig-zag your calories during the week it can help too, your body will not know what to do so it lets the weight go.
    ex: 1600,1300,1400,1250,1500,1350,1400 those are the ones I have done before, (daily calories) That is an average of 1400 cal/day.

    I know everyone has to find what works for them, those are just some of what I learned and helped me.

    Also I agree with the comment from Lisa, I had a Gazzelle, it worked well. Or if you could find a treadmill or stationary bike it makes it much easier to work out at home in your own time.
    I just found a stationary bike at a garage for $15, and a friend sold me her treadmill for $50 awhile back. If you could get your hands on one it would be nice for you to have! Especially in the winter!!!

    Keep it up, your doing great!
    Have a great weekend!

    Hey, thanks for visiting!

  8. Let us know what the nutritionist tells you. I would like to go to one also. The food rules change all the time.

  9. I agree with don't want to go too low with the calories.
    second thing...up your walks.
    add some length..try a mile and a half.
    Your body is getting used to your current walks and they aren't as effective.
    Time to take it up a notch.
    24 lbs.
    like amber said (and I have said many, many times) you can't lose 100 lbs till you lose 1.
    Keep trucking.