Thursday, June 10, 2010

well im doing this just in time..

Iam doing this from my phone tonight which is really tough since I can't see all the words..
Tonight I had a pain in the center of my heart that hurt so bad I almost ended up at the er..
I was at work and was stressed tonight but I shouldn't let my stress get me like that..
Worry doesn't solve only adds to the all my fb friends were
Getting worried and my friend I had been talking to was getting worried too ..I didn't want to upset
Anyone but this is scary...I think well I know iam getting this weight off at the right time..
I am ready to see heaven but iam also not about to go before my time..

I thought I would write tomorrow but I saw where I could do it on my phone so iam..
I did well again and now my sister is drinking the water too..she hadn't been but she is seeing
How small iam looking now so she drank 6 glasses today...I did too..didn't walk though..
Was going to until the heart problem started...but I ate 1200 today..and wasn't even hungry..its something
How it takes me all day to get my food in..

Well I think I better rest and get some head was hurting too tonight..
Don't know what brought all of it on but I hope it goes away..
Have a great day..
God bless you all


  1. Kelli,

    That sounds like something that happened to me - and it was actually chest wall pain, nothing to do with my heart at all. The ER doctor said it was most likely caused by stress. But you should probably get it checked out... just in case.

    Good job with your water and calories today!

    Take care of yourself! :)

  2. I hope you feel better and everything is okay... good thing you are taking good care of yourself and getting checked out.

  3. Now is the right time! I still hope to believe that it is never too late to get healthy. I have no doubt that there are some medical conditions that I developed that could have been prevented and may not be completely fixed; however I know that being more fit will still help make up for a lot of things and may make some of the conditions even less worrisome.

  4. Hi Kelli; you sound like such a sweet person.
    The chest pain could be a hiatal hernia too- my mother had one that bothered her occasionally. If you have medical insurance, probably should have it checked especially if it reoccurs. I hate doctors and the tests they always want but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get them done. You're doing great with your weight loss journey!

  5. I think you should pop over to the docs and have him have a look see...can't hurt. great job on the water and the food. You are doing fab...and OMG...look at that 301...1 lb you are nearly there already.
    You are doing so well kelli, be careful and keep up your good work.