Monday, June 28, 2010

a day to rest and more ham than i need..

i had a great day yesterday and it was a good day today as well..but today we had a reunion to go to, and a ham and bean supper at home..a little out of our this was a day where i had to guesstimate the calories and i was lucky i had sean here to help me with it.of course i have my handy calorie counter on my phone that i use but he knows more about these calories than i could ever imagine he i asked him what he thought..after church today we headed home for a few minutes and then over to the fairgrounds to have a family reunion with my moms cousins which i guess are mine too..hehe but we dont know alot of these people and sometimes it feels kinda weird to go to a place where you feel like a stranger..but today felt good..both of my sisters and my mom and my uncle went and we came for my moms side of the was a nice reunion and so many people were there today..usually not alot attends anymore..but today it was a big crowd..

i took alot of pictures of course and got into some of them as was fun and we saw people that are getting older and are my moms first cousins so i took pictures of all of them..they still had food there and i was i went over and got a bite of two or three items and a very very small piece of cake..which looked so good i dare not turn it then we went home and it was almost time to eat..oh boy here are the ham and beans..ummmm they were good and still are..we still have some for tomorrow and will probably eat a little more then too..but after i ate a couple of pieces of ham and a few beans ..i then asked sean what he thought the calories were and he said probably around 240 and he would be about right..i looked it up tonight and it was 180 for a cup and i didnt even have a was just on my i didnt have alot then..but i went back for the ham..i love ham and we never get ham..probably for this reason...and so i ate too many pieces of ham tonight and my stomach hurt and hurt..i am still hurting from the ham..i ended up laying down and did for a while ..but i decided i had to get up and go walk at least a little i did..i walked a half mile and then the storms started in around here..which is nice since it has been so hot..sean went to boomer and walked and i did a half mile..gotta get back to walking more..i hope tomorrow..

but this has been my day..sorta quiet..i guess thats good..maybe working all day tomorrow so we'll see how much walking i get in..hope you all have a great monday..seeya later..
goodnight and GOD BLESS YOU


  1. Hey kelli. Sounds like you had fun and a good time. Keep up the good work.

  2. From reading your posts kelli you seem to have such a large and lovely family. It is so nice that you get together and keep in touch. It's easy to over-eat when the occasion is special and accompanied by food, but when it happens to me I try (and don't always succeed!)to up the exercise a little the next day. It's good that you are conscious of the amounts you are eating..and that's something I have to remember to do as well!

  3. love how much fun you had as life is SHORTSHORTSHOT.

    and, for some reason, I want you to make this your new closing to posts :)

    Still hurting from the ham,



  4. Mizfit--You made me smile so big just now.

    Kelli---It was awesome to see you and a pleasure to scan your plate and give you a comfortable guesstimate. You didn't do horribly at all.
    You've chosen change Kelli. And it's a beautiful thing. Pursue your changes with passion---it'll change your life so many ways--with your physical transformation being the most obvious, but certainly not the most life changing---it's the changes inside that will completely transform you and positively effect everything you do.

    I love you, you're doing wonderful things and I'm very proud---


  5. "Too much ham" is a phrase that I can't isn't possible. Well...I guess there can always be too much of a good thing.

    I love ham...did you notice?