Wednesday, June 16, 2010

iam choosing to be better and hopefully get wiser...

here iam sweatin up a storm tonight..i actually walked a mile in 21 minutes and did a mile and a half in 30 minutes..when i got back in i was pouring with sweat..this is how i looked..

Iam having a better day emotionally..I woke up late but for me anymore that's normal..
But I woke up feeling better about things..not completely worry free but I'm getting there..
I can't do anything but go out and get a job..and that's what I will do..but if I let myself go..then I will
Be doing more harm to myself..I'm realizing I can be an emotional eater..I guess I always cream was it for me and last night it was what I craved..although I had already overate because of the way I felt..

But I noticed today I have focused more.. and feel better about many people have told me how I inspire them and that is something that humbles me everyday..I know who gives me the strength to keep going..God has always been my true inspiration and gives me strength to get through whatever comes my way..iam proud to be an inspiration to others and I hope I never disappoint you all..

I know I can kick this emotional eating and really understand where my problem really lies..
I just have to do main problem has always been not enough money..I'm a poor girl from oklahoma who seems to still be poor..I'm rich in friends and family and poor money wise..but I guess who isn't these days..we get what we need and maybe that's enough..I'm sitting here looking at the nice sunny day we have now ..and I realize its a gift from God has rained again today but now the clouds are gone and the sun is out..

I do feel good..I have been drinking a lot of water and by tonight I will get all my water in..
My friend just texted me to see how I was doing..he is such a sweet man..we are going to do this together and iam so glad of that...I will walk this evening..that is something I haven't been good about this week..and I have to keep it up..if I don't I won't lose..its all 3 things..walking water and watching calories..all 3 doing it together..
Well I hope you all have a nice evening and I'm going to try my best too..
Make it popfree this evening..
God Bless You All..

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  1. Whew! I read your post yesterday but didn't comment- I just knew you were going to get it back together and you have. YAY! Weight loss is not easy although some folks claim it is- if so, how in the world did they get overweight LOL? My goal is to eat healthier and live longer! As for money, one of my jobs is to help people stay within their budget- I always tell them just 2 realistic ways to have more money: earn more and/or spend less. Of course, you could inherit a nice chunk or win some heehee but that rarely happens! Keep walking- it's no fun in this heat for sure but my early morning wake up allows me to walk my dog. No excuses there.