Wednesday, June 9, 2010

well i chose fruit over a candy!

this is me and my pretty nieces amber and courtney..

okay so today was a day where i had to go to work this evening and not all day..which is fine with but somehow i wished i had been there all day..when i got there it was so dead, and my tv doesnt work so i have a radio and thats about it..i do have a dvd player but i never get into the movies when im trying to work..but tonight there was no was 98 degrees and nobody wanted a snocone..i think its too hot for it then, but i thought maybe someone at night would want one..i sat there and ate an apple and had some pudding ..i had already had most of my calories the time i get there most of my calories are done..i had 900 by then and had only had a junior size yogurt cone so i was doing well on that..i went ahead and ate my apple and pudding and so i was at 1120 by then, i knew i had to get up to 1300 at least to not starve myself..and the way i was feeling i was starving..hehe

so tonight i had to go to walmart after work and i looked and looked at the candy bars and doritos and all kinds of chips and the chocolate..i even went down the isle of chocolate candy..oh i was tempted to get some..but i didnt..i knew i didnt have that many calories left and why spoil the whole day for one wasnt worth i went to the fresh produce and picked out some peaches and tomatoes and that is some good food..

so when i got home i fixed myself some strawberries and a peach..instead of getting the old candy and ruining the whole day..i drank all my water too..its so easy to drink the water for me now..its all i more pop and nothing else either..i dont even get chocolate milk..and i used to love chocolate milk..
but this has been a tiring day and a day where i didnt get to do my powerwalking..i wanted too but its just so late when i got home to go out..i may do it in my bedroom and walk in place for awhile..i walked all day..i got in 13,800 steps today and that was walking..

but now i am thinking bed..hehe i need some rest..another day comes tomorrow..


  1. Awesome job choosing the fruit over the candy! I find that if I walk down one of those aisles and start reading the labels, my desire for the junk subsides quickly, lol.

  2. actually yes i was looking at the labels and going i cant have that many calories and look what is in yeah i finally decided i needed fruit instead..hehe

  3. You girls are all beautiful. :) What stands out to me is what you said about 'ruining the whole day because of one temptation.'

    You could have eaten the candy, but it sounds like you know that you wouldn't have been happy with yourself for doing it. Be proud of yourself..! That's a big deal!

  4. awww thank nieces are pretty special to me..i have lots of nieces and nephews and they are all pretty good kids..hehe yes i thought wow i made a change in me ..i picked something else over chocolate..hehe pretty big!

  5. woo hoo!
    IMO this NSV is far bigger than any powerwalking!

    here's to another great day ahead as well,


  6. Kelli---my heart swells with pride everytime I read a post from you like this. This is it---You're doing it, and you'll confidently get to where you're headed sis, you will. Making those good choices along the way, always will leave you with a wonderful feeling when your head hits the pillow. I'm so proud of you.

    Love you sis,

  7. Giving up on something that seems to "call" to you is a huge success! Awesome job with that.

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