Sunday, May 30, 2010

well im finally back to blogging..its been a weekend..

this is me tonight in my size 20 blouse..not something i will be wearing out just yet but it fits..and my dad who was in the navy in WWII..

i have had a weekend..a very busy and not sure i like it all the time i woke up friday like any other friday, and knew i was going to work at 2 but thought i was getting off at 630..well i went to work and had only had a protein bar for breakfast that morning so i had a lot of calories coming and i was hungry..i had been drinking the water really well, and that was good..i was getting used to the water..but now about 4 pm my friend who was relieving me texted me and said she couldnt come in because she was stuck at her other job and didnt know when she would be i was stuck..i had to work til 10 that i told my brother and he had to go ahead and do the errands for the evening..but i was hungry..

so i told him okay i will go to burger king and get a grilled chicken sandwich they have good sandwiches and i have the calorie count for them..burger king is right next fact i am right in the middle of what we call resturant we have all kinds of resturants all over the place..its a wonder iam still going strong with

so i was there til 10..i went to burger king and got the meal so i had fries too but i counted all the calories and i ended up drinking 78 ounces of water that i was really floating..well i went home and thought i would do the blog then but i needed to go to walmart and get some underclothes..we all have to wear them..hehe
so my sister went with me and we didnt get back for an was a little late to walk and our movie night had just started and so i settled in to watch gregory peck for the next 2 was 1:30 am in the morning and i headed to bed..

so for friday i had 1300 calories and 78 ounces of water and i didnt walk but i was we are in to saturday and iam not going to work til 5 pm this day and so i have a new bra and it felt so so i get up and we do our normal thing for the day and we end up going to charlies chicken and get the chicken fried steak dinner before i go to work..and i had it without gravy and the mashed potatoes without gravy and only half of them ..and salad with no dressing..i love lettuce..i can eat it without the dressing and save 100 i had 365 calories in this was something..and i drank water..i cant believe how well i am doing with the is really neat..i love the is hard to drink at times..sometimes i am just not thirsty but i get it down me by the end of the yesterday i ended up with 52 ounces of water and had 1285 in calories all day..i even walked a half a mile at was just too late when i got home to do any walking..i had to go back to walmart that made it almost 11 before i got i got home and started not feeling well..and ended up going to bed by midnight..
so i did pretty good for the 2 days and now iam at today..and today has been a migraine day..i got up this morning thinking i was going to church again..and my head thought different..i ended up with a bad migraine so bad i couldnt handle the my family went to church and i went back to sleep..i got up and tried to get around sometime this afternoon..i know it was we went to wendys and i had 2 grilled chicken go wraps..they were 500 calories and i had already 385 this morning i ended up with 1200 calories today and iam working on the water..i wasnt drinking it really well again today but its getting down me..i had 5 glasses already and will probably have another before i go to bed..i tried on a blouse last night that was so exciting..i didnt think it would fit and really i cant remember when i was a 20 before..but this blouse is a size 20 and it fit...!
it doesnt look like a blouse i would wear right now..because it does show my rolls but it fits which is just too much..iam so excited..i didnt walk today and i am going to get back to it head has hurt so bad all day i wasnt too sure it would be a good idea..but this is my weekend..some good and some bad but its all been an experience...
have a happy and safe memorial day..!


  1. Great Job Kelli on the walking, the water and the calories.
    The blouse is pretty. I know what you mean about fit though. I like things to skim too.
    Glad to see you posting. I always get worried when people don't. lol.
    Have a great night.
    I love gregory peck. btw.

  2. yea it was a good movie..the stalking was good..i really didnt think it would fit..i was so excited when it did..but it will be a little while before i wear it out..hehe have a good night..

  3. Great job on your walking! you are doing awesome! Have a safe Memorial Day.

  4. aawww...sorry you are having a migrane day! Here's to a better week! Congrats on all the water and keeping your calories in line! yay!

  5. You're so inspiring to me.
    Congrats on the size 20, and getting your water in ya and staying on track even when your schedule is thrown off.
    Yay you!

  6. Oh, and I have to say...
    That photo of your dad looks like Errol Flynn. What a handsome man!

  7. Hopefully you are feeling better today. Great job on the water and the new top. Getting new things is so exciting!