Monday, August 9, 2010

day 1 again..really day 2..hehe

well day 1 was yesterday and when i did my blog i had eaten 640 calories..okay i went with my friend and we went to a place called shortcakes and he got a dinner but i decided to be good and go within my i got a grilled cheese sandwich and a baked potato with butter and sour cream..i had 1440 in calories and 48 ounces of water for day 1...

okay now day 2..the other day 1..hehe i like what kyle said that everyday is another day really is..i got up this morning and with my legs being in such awful pain..its not an easy thing to do..i cant walk right now without my cane and i cant get my injections til friday and i am hurting so legs are swollen and my knees are out..completely out..but i tried my hardest to get up..i am still running the stands while my uncle is i ran down there so to speak..hehe i wish..and when i came back i had a special k bar..i have one of those every morning..but i noticed today it has fructose in it and sugars in it..not really the thing i want to eat for breakfast..but i got my water out and started drinking it..i just automatically go to my water bottle so glad of that..

so then we did go to wendys today..wendys isnt too bad when it comes to the food..if you pick healthy..i got a grilled go wrap and a baked potato with butter sour cream this calories came to 540 there..i had a piece of grilled chicken and a bar at home so my calories there were 300 i had eaten 840 i was wanting a frosty and i always get the smallest i got the small one and split in half with my we both only had 150 calories..thats a lot less than the yogurt we were getting at braums..

so my calories so far for today came to 1000 calories..
breakfast bar-170
grilled chicken-130
baked potato with butter-270
grilled chicken go wrap-260
junior frosty-160

total-1000 calories..

so i imagine i will have something else tonight but it will be something small..i dont want to go over my 1200 calories tonight..but i am doing well now..i am focusing now on what i have to do and going forward with it..
i will walk tonight when i get off and will try to get used to it again..but right now i am on my 2nd bottle of water and that makes 48 i know i will be drinking my 72 tonight..this is exciting when you focus on each day as being the first day..and looking only at what is in front of you..what you have to do for this day..and not for any other...i do feel better when i am eating and drinking right..i love the water now..its just a refreshing tastes ..alot better than pop..
i dont even look at the snocones..isnt that doesnt bother me..

have a good evening..


  1. Hey kelli.
    Do you like eggs?
    I love eggs and they are sooo filling and they have very few calories.
    maybe you could do a 'sean' omelette or something.
    That would be like three eggs for 210 calories and some ham and low fat cheese you could cash in at around 350 cals for breakfast...just a thought. Keep up the the good work.

  2. Keep up the good work!! I enjoyed my visit to your blog!! :-)