Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i hit 299 again and i am going to keep going this time..whoohoo!

okay i know this should be a slideshow but i wanted to get them on here..we took lots of pictures..but this was from today and i still have more..hehe
here is my water bottle all the way from new york..have you had your water today..?

wow i was so excited today..i got up early this morning and was sitting with my mom while my sisters and brother in law had coffee at her house..and so after that my sister and i had to go to the doctor and i had to go pay some bills..its the 3rd ya know .bill paying time..but i wanted to weigh this morning...i have been in a depression for a while and around the time of my birthday i sorta went off the change and didnt walk as much and didnt drink enough water..so i knew i had gained some weight.we have had alot of company and that always makes me gain too..but i cant let it anymore..i know excuses..no more..so i went and stepped up on the scales expecting to see maybe 307 hoping it was just 307..hooray i saw 299..i could not believe my eyes..i had to jump on again..yep 299..wow i have went down now..i am under 300..again..hehe

so this jumpstarted my day..i mean i was confident in that now i am going to get this off..it will come off and it doesnt matter how long it takes as long as i keep going and keep moving forward..thats what matters..i knew i had to focus on my water and my walking and let nothing stand in my way of this effort i have to put out..

so we went to my cousins house for lunch today and took my mom and we were meeting sean and kenlie there and we just had a blast..even my mom enjoyed it..we took lots of pictures..of course that is me i took lots of pictures..hehe but i always do..just preserving the memories..but i did really well with my food today..we had sandwiches and carrots and pickles just like finger foods except bigger sandwiches than that..but it was just simple stuff and very good..i ate only one plate of food and didnt go back except for cantaloupe..we even had watermelon there..

we stayed all day and it was way up into the evening before we left..i was supposed to go to work but my uncle gave me an extra couple of hours off so i enjoyed them..we had so much fun..they have their own lake there and i took some pics of the lake and the guys feeding the fish..it was neat..my cousin kristen has a soda pop maker which is really cool..she can even make carbonated water which i guess would taste like pierre..that would be good..

well we came home and ended up having a visit at home too and they brought another lady who knew some of us as well and she is friends with sean and kenlie both and so we enjoyed that visit too..so now we are ready to go to sleep..its been a day..tomorrow wont feel the same..maybe i will walk tomorrow..i didnt do that today..just didnt have the time..got my water in though..working on 72 ounces right now..and kenlie even brought me a water bottle from new york..isnt she sweet..

well its been a day..
enjoy your journey..


  1. Sounda like a great time! Congrads on the 299! yOU ARE doing it!

  2. Congrats on the 299!! That is awesome.

  3. You so rock and you will keep going down with your attitude and follow through!

  4. Kelli! Thanks for following my blog! Which lead me to yours! can't wait to have time to read more about you and your journey. Congratulations on the milestone!! You keep it up! Hey... that Sean guy in your photos... I believe that is the same Sean who lost like a zillion pounds, isn't it? Looks like the same guy. I followed his blog for a while, then after I had my lapband removed and re-vamped my blog and changed the URL, all the ones I used to follow disappeared! Anyhow, I'm sure that's him. Small world, huh! I look forward to following your success!! CathyB
    p.s. LOVE Joyce Meyer!!!

  5. Kristen is always a wonderful hostess - it's one of my family's favorite places to be! And yes, the water tastes just like Pierre - even better! Yum! I'm glad you did so well, you are doing AWESOME Kelli! And Kenlie looks like a sweetheart! :-)


  6. YAY ON 299! So happy for you Kelli :). And such a beautiful family!