Friday, August 13, 2010

friday the 13th..where did you come from...hehe

Yep this is Friday the 13th...not my favorite day...but I'm not really superstious either..but today was not the best Friday I could have..I got up to a phone call from my orthodoctor..telling me they had made a mistake in booking me for the injections and I couldn't come in til next Wednesday..really ? I have to wait 5 more days because these people made a mistake and didn't notice it til now..

So my day was not starting out like I wanted it too..I was so hoping I could get my injections and be walking by now..I was going to go walking tonight..well I might try it anyway..even with the I went back to sleep and when I got up I was getting ready for work today.. I had a protein bar and have had a cheeseburger today..I know its not all iam going to have because its too early and I've only had 600 I need to eat something..I left the sherbert alone today and am not eating sweets which I'm glad of..iam really trying to leave it alone..I know the protein bar probably is a sweet..but its also I got to work and had to put up the balloons outside and walking for me right now is not an easy I got them up..but the wind keeps popping them or taking them off the I have been out there twice now to put more on the string..this is just not the best Friday..but I am being taken care of by God..I know that..I have been able to walk some today without the cane and that's a miricle..I walked over to the next building to use the restroom and I walked without the cane and was able to do yes it has been a Friday the 13th..but it has also been a very blessed day for me..I know God is taking care of me..I know that..I've prayed and my friends and family have prayed and I know He is maybe its not such a bad day afterall..

Have a great Friday the 13th..
I am

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  1. It's always a good day (no matter how bad) when you know that God is watching out for you! I'm so glad I found your blog!