Saturday, August 14, 2010

well today i changed my breakfast around..

Today has been good so far..I know its still early..but I'm here at work and will be til 8 today is a good day..
I went to see my friend glen last night and was barely able to walk without the cane but I did make it in without it..iam trying to walk without it because I know God is healing me..and I don't want to put doubt in it..but as I was talking to glen ..he had told me he had lost 19 pounds now..whoohoo iam so proud of him for that..
He is reading this book called the 30 day diabetic cure diet..and he has diabetis and iam this is just
Telling us how to eat healthy and stay away from sugars that are bad..diabetics can't have fast carbs .only slow ones..

This is going to really be a change in eating for us both..but I am going to do it with him and m sister is going to give it a try as well..she is diabetic and we all three need to watch the brother now is going to stop eating so late at night too and see how much he we are all going to try and give it a good effort to become healthier..we have beenworking at it some. But its just not working for us.I have been blogging for 5 months now and haven't lost what I should..I'm trying but sometimes I guess I'm not trying hard as soon as we read this book and study it to see how to do it..then we will start it..

But I did change my breakfast around today and I liked it..instead of having a special k bar for breakfast I had plain
Yogurt and mixed in cimmonen and a sweetner and it was good..I even put half of a banana in it and boy did it tastes good..I could eat this..and only 200 calories with a full then I did have half a bar with it but I wouldn't have had 290 calories so far..and I brought a banana and some sugar free chocolate pudding with me and will get a side salad in an hour or today is good so far..I'm drinking my water in the 110 degree heat and I'm thinking more healthy now..and I like that..

im updating the blog now..its 11pm and i have ended my day with 1330 in calories..i had 3 tacos from taco bueno which was 200 each..and i had a strawberry smoothie which i will not have again..that is pure many carbs in it..but it is 350 calories so i had my share for the night..goodnight all

I hope you all think healthy today..
Enjoy the day..


  1. Good for you! We got the kids Jack in the Box today and I came home and ate some chicken instead!

  2. Kelli, health thinking is the root of it all! Good for you! Don't wait until you finish the book... go ahead and start doing what you already know to do. My problem has always been... "I'll do it/start it _______" (Monday, after the holidays, after my birthday, after I read this book..... etc, etc) The best time to start it is today. We don't have to wait for monday, or ______ (whenever). Sounds like you have a good support system, so YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. I am Juvinile Type I diabetic. My Sister died in her early 30's from having it since she was five due to ignorance regarding it in the medical community. I almost died a couple years ago from a doctors ignorance.
    It isn't that you CAN'T have SUGAR, it is the carbohydrates and how fast they TURN to sugar in your body that counts. Count carbs, fiber and fats. Not sugars.
    My doctor thought I did not need insulin for some reason. If I go a few hours without...I die. Simple.
    Type 1.5 o4 II is different. You won't die without insulin but, need to as you just said, stick to complex carbs, proteins and essential fats. The protein and essential fats slow down the breakdown of carbs into sugars so the slow production of insulin can keep up.
    Actually the Zone and Adkins type diets helped the most.
    Did you check to see if you should be on your legs or if it might be causing more damamge?
    Better look into it on the internet before you keep walking. Too bad you can't borrow my Electric scooter...wish we lived closer! But, you can rent them at least until you know it is safe and you are not making things worse.

  4. I am prediabetic also. My favorite snack is taking a quart of plain yogurt and mixing it with a box of sugar free instant pudding. It is soooooo good. Put half a cup of blueberries in there and yummmmo!!!! You and Glen are blessed to have each other for support! Diabetes is so much more prevalent now than it was in the years before we had all this refined sugar stuff around.