Tuesday, August 24, 2010

migraines are not fun!

these are some pictures of today..me and my friend kaitlynn came and saw me yesterday..and the women on the hoverounds ..i thought was so cute..it was raining but they just got out anyway..
the pictures are of the lake and the sunset..very pretty tonight..

this has been a couple of days of pain..iam still going through the pain and it just doesnt want to go away anytime soon..this has been a day where i thought i would be watching everything, but i just didnt..i just didnt feel like watching my calories or drinking my water..and i know i should but i am in so much pain i dont feel like anything right now..

this has been a rainy cool day and everyone really likes this weather ..i love this weather but it hurts my headache too..it makes me feel so fuzzy anymore..i wanted to go out and walk and maybe i will..i dont know..my dizzyness doesnt make for a good time walking..we still dont know how my cousin is ..i guess no good news is bad news..so were just waiting..

i went to work today and didnt have hardly any people...just a cold fall day..you can tell school is going and fall is in the air..we went around the lake tonight looking for the ducks and geese but i think they already flew south for the winter..hehe

i saw all kinds of people running and walking around the lake.its a really nice evening to be able to walk around the lake..i have been wanting too but i always seem to have a setback with it..i know i am going to sometime..but probably not this week..i am wanting to lose 9 pounds by the end of september..that will put me at 290..i havent seen that in quite a while..i just feel funny today..i guess its my headaches...im just fuzzy tonight..so if what i say doesnt make any sense its my head..hehe

its really something to see my nephew now..the way he looks and the way he used to look..i know i can do this..i just have to keep going and keep wanting to do it..somedays are easy and some days are hard...this is one day thats just too hard for me..i think about that and then i think about my cousin and there is nothing too hard then ..if my cousin can get through this then i can lose this weight..she still cant feel anything but she has a good attitude about it..she is a strong survivor..and she will pull through this..

i think this is a night where i should be laying down..my head is just too fuzzy right now.
i didnt do well with anything today..i will do well tomorrow ..i will walk tomorrow and i will drink my water all day..i will also watch my calorie intake ..i will do this..i will lose the 9 pounds by september 30th and i will keep going everyday to do my best..everyday i will focus on how i am going to do my best job and put my best foot forward to be the best i can be and help others do their best..we all have to get that focus..we all have got to focus on living our best days..and be the best people we can be ..were here to help one another..were here to focus on being the best we can be..we have too..we might as well .we dont have any other choice..

lets keep our focus on the best life ever..

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