Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a good day and just getting better..

okay we got the food i ate and the lake and sean and kenlie..

this has been a good day.it seems to always be a good day as long as i look at it like that..i think no matter how our day goes..as long as we take it with a smile the day will be okay..i am trying my best to focus all the time on eating healthy..sometimes its hard to do..and sometimes its as easy as it was today..

well today we went to the stockade ..of course my sister could go to these places everyday if we had the money to do it..but today we went because it was a senior special for lunch..not for me but my sister and mom got a good deal..so i went to the buffet and did GOOD..yay! i went to the fruit first and then i went and got my main plate..but i looked at the salad and got half my plate in salad without dressing..then i got a roasted chicken and green beans..nothing else..oh well yes i got a roll but when i counted it it was 700 calories with the fruit and all the salad and roll..IT WAS GOOD...!!

i went and got a bite of the ice cream they have.not really ice cream..its not even yogurt..not even close..but i got a bite and they had the biggest cake with chocolate icing i had ever seen.did i get any? NO WAY!

i am drinking my water right now and when we came home tonight, well sean and kenlie surprised us with a visit..that was fun..we think they are such a cute couple..i am going to get my water in tonight and i may not do the walking tonight..my leg has been really bad today..i cant wait til tomorrow afternoon..what fun being able to walk again..
i am going to post the diabetes info a little later..right now i am going to see my friend at work..so i wont be home for a couple of hours..
but here are some pictures from today..it has been a good day..and still is..

hope your day is going good..


  1. I must have missed something. Do you have diabetes Kelli?
    I hope not. Good job on your eating and your exercise. You are doing great.

  2. I believe Kelli said prediabetes which is a term many doctors don't use any more. Your fasting blood sugar should be less than 100- it used to be 110. Kelli, great news about the buffet- I can 't go to them. I'm too much of a tightwad to not get my money's worth. I also think home cooking is the way to go but I have always cooked- now for just myself. I'm busy today but have a chicken ready to put in the crockpot with lots of veggies. I will use the meat for many dishes and then I make soup.

  3. From your pictures you both are looking that you are enjoying your life very much. And that too happen with healthy life.

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