Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i am walking and it feels so good

see me getting the injections..i really was getting them then.and then look at my smile..feeling good now..

wow i never realized what it was like to not have your legs til sure feels good to be able to walk...i have been walking all day and trying not to use my cane..boy when i got the injections ..that hurt..ooohhh that hurt..they put it right into my bones and i could certainly feel it..but it has been a few hours and now i am walking like i had before..what fun it is going to be when i get to walk tomorrow night..i ended up coming home too late tonight to go walking..i didnt want to hurry it too much either..

but it sure feels good..i had taken it for granted all this time that i would be able to walk and now since i had lost it for like a month i know what people go thru that cant walk..i was almost in a almost happened and i am so glad it didnt..i am done well today with the calories ..i had 1300 calories altogether and am ready for bed now..i have tried to drink my water but it was a hard thing for me to do today..i have been a sounding board for so many of my friends lately..i enjoy listening to people and i try to help as much as i can..i guess thats why i picked psychology as my major...someday i will get that degree..hehe right now i am looking for a full time job so i can pay my college account and get back in school..3 more semesters and i will be done..

but this has been a good day for least health wise now..and thats important..i am trying to watch the calories and the carbs so iam being cautious of everything i put in my mouth now..tomorrow night i am going to be walking and try to get my mile in again..i have been sore tomorrow will be better..

hope you all enjoy the night..


  1. Wow! This is awesome. So happy you are wallking again!! Keep making progress you are amazing :)

  2. I was lucky. My doctor had a patient that GAVE me her electric scooter because I cannot walk at times. I use it when I need to but, don't if I don't have to. I can't walk for long. But, you should get at least one of those rolling seated walkers...I have that too so I can sit when I am trying to walk on good days.
    I got over my pride, because I wanted to still get out and about and had to use these tools to do so.
    It is something good to have...just in case so you don't suffer so much next time.
    Shoot, I have even gone "off road" with my scooter! LOL!

  3. Your blog is awesome, so open and honest! I found you through the BloggUp widget on my site. You may like some of my recipes. I'm not a diet blog, I am on a journey to feed my family better. I like REAL food and try to make healthier versions of it. I'm finding lots of friends along the way, hope you join us. :)

  4. Glad to hear you'll be back up and walking again tomorrow. Those shots sure sound painful, sorry.
    I haven't visited in awhile, I hope everything else is going well for you.

  5. Wishing you the best in your journey & wanted to thank you for sharing your story - I also love Joyce Meyer & appreciate you posting her soundbites.

  6. I'm very happy you had a chance to get those injections!!! I love you Kelli---i hope you're doing OK tonight.
    You usually post more often than this---I'm just saying...

    You know you can call me if you need to---I love you sis...