Wednesday, August 25, 2010

well after 5 weeks i started again..

well this is me and oreo going out for a walk..yesterday oreo bit me and now he thinks he is my friend..he is some cat..but he did walk tonight..

well its been 5 weeks since i went out and walked 2 and a half miles ...and then i had a setback and couldnt i can and finally did tonight..i finally got myself out there and walked for 20 felt like forever tonight.just like starting hips hurt and i was short of breath..i know i felt better when i was walking everyday..i have to keep going..i dont like this going backwards..

i still dont feel like i did well today..we sell candy at the snocone stand and i was working at that one and needed something to eat..well it was peanuts but i still dont feel good eating something like this ..maybe thats good that i am thinking about it now.maybe its a slow process for me ..that i have to keep focusing and learning what i need and what i dont need..i do need to have food every 2-3 hours but i dont need junk food..i feel like thats what it was..

i ended up having the go wraps at wendys and thats not bad..but then i had ice cream tonight..calories i really didnt need..but i had them anyway..i guess its a good thing if i am feeling guilty for having junk..hehe i didnt drink my water today either and i feel bad about that too..but i will get some down tonight..i havent gained any weight which is good but i have gone through 5 weeks of setbacks and not losing anything..

now iam back to getting it done..i am going to walk every night as long as i can does feel pedometer broke today and i was so used to looking at it to know the miles and the calories..i really liked it but i guess i will just have to get along with just a stopwatch to know how many minutes i walk..i feel good for the walking though..i did something and i got started again..i didnt give up completely..i dont want to do wouldnt be the right thing to do..give up...God doesnt give up on us, so i shouldnt give up on myself...

so now i am going after the 9 pounds by the end of september..and i will get there..
enjoy the evening..


  1. I need to buy something that tells me how many calories I am burning.

  2. You're right Kelli. We can't give up on made a good choice to recommit today, and that is most important. Good for you my friend. ::hugs::