Sunday, August 22, 2010

well i am back again..

this is such a cute picture..hehe and here is my cousin elizabeth who is in the hospital she is the younger one..this was the last few days before she was in the accident..
and here iam with my new haircut and my new phone..a samgsung vibrant..pretty cool..

this has been a week of not feeling good physically and emotionally..i know i havent blogged since wednesday and thats not a good thing..i think when i get to the point of not blogging then i start going back to my old ways and i dont want to do that..writing it all down is a bery necessary thing and i have to be honest or its just not going to work..

i am still trying to focus on it..i will be honest though and tellya i havent walked yet and i need too..i need to get back to the focus i had before i went into so much pain.i need to go walk today whether it is too hot or not.this is not going to come off without me doing didnt come on without me and it wont come off without me..i have to do this..

i have been getting tired lately and just not feeling good about my life and just about everything..but i am coming around hopefully i will be getting back to normal again..i really want to get this weight off and get it off now and not 10 years from now..because i may not make it to 10 years..

im sitting here right now watching spongebob and wishing i had no worries like he sure would be nice if life was handed to us on a silver platter but its not..we go through problems everyday of our life and its how we handle them that make us the people we are..i am trying to become a better christian and rely on God and soley on God..He is the one who will make us the people we need to be..

i have had alot of friends lately tell me how inspiring i am to them and how i shouldnt stop blogging..i am very appreciative for them..God always knows when to send people my way..i do need this as a way of being honest and expressing my feelings..and if it helps others to do what they have to do then thats just icing on the cake...haha..

i am trying to look for a job and that is stressful in itself..this is not the best time to be looking for jobs around here..but i know i will find one soon..i am sure glad i can walk now..cause it wouldnt be very good trying to find a job and not being able to walk..but i am going try and walk this evening..i really need it..i have been drinking some water..not all 64 ounces but half of it everyday..and i know i need to work on this but i am doing okay..i have been eating my 1200 calories and trying to not go over the 1500 but i do think one day i went over it....thats why i need to write it down so i will know..

i got a new phone yesterday and have had the most fun playing with it..its pretty cool but i need to remember it is just a phone..and not go too crazy over it..hehe i cut my hair the other night too..i was getting tired of it not looking right with the last haircut i gave myself and so i cut it short and i like it..its pretty cool..

the other day my cousin had a swimming accident and broke her neck and was left paralyzed from the waist we have been going through a lot lately...she is conscious now and is moving her feet so things are getting better for her..she still needs prayers..she is having neck surgery on monday and needs all the prayers she can get..

well this has been a week of different feelings and just life..i guess i need to get used to life and keep going..we are always going to be going through something..
im going to try and make this a great day..

i hope you all enjoy your day..


  1. I agree Kelli. We just have to try to make it a great day each day. I hope Elizabeth recovers really well and really soon.

    Get out there and walk a little, and you'll be really glad you did.

  2. I will pray kelli, it must seem small and petty to focus on our health when someone is going through the ringer...but it all matters in the big picture. Hang in there hon.

  3. Every little bit you do is a good thing. Take care of yourself at all times. Good luck on the job search.