Thursday, August 12, 2010

okay this is day 5 of my 30 day i am getting back on track plan..

This is my day 5 and so far so good..iam staying at 1200 calories and not going over..
Iam even getting used to not eating anything when I go to bed..I think that might have been
Part of my problem before...I would eat something at night if I had the calories and eating at night
Is just not the best way to lose weight...even if you do burn calories in your sleep..
Its not going to be enough to burn a sandwich..

So I am really focused now..I still have problems with ice cream..but I found a good way
To do this..I found the calories for the sherbert is less than the ice cream and the yogurt..
And I think its just as scoop of sherbert is 130 calories..compared to 220 for the yogurt
And 350 for the ice this is much yes I had a sherbert today..and yesterday
But still I don't go over the 1200 calories..and iam drinking my water...I have tried to get in 64 ounces but
Haven't been able to do more than 48 lately..but I will keep going until I do..
I still haven't got a computer now and so I'm on my phone doing this blog..

Tomorrow I go get the knees injected and iam so almost feels like christmas..hehe
I will never do this again..I was feeling so good and walking so well..I guess I thought I didn't need it
But I was wrong there...I'm not waiting past 4 months next time..I'm going to be in there right on the date..
I have never in my life felt so bad physically I was just going down hill and never come back up again..
Its awful to feel like you will never walk again..and its awful to not be able to walk..I have sure experienced it this last week..I haven't had so much pain in I don't know how long..but oh wow..less than 24 hrs..
I know I will be walking tomorrow night..I just have too..I have to keep walking everyday for my life..
This is for my life..I don't want to go backwards...iam going to weigh in the morning and see what 5 days has done..
I know mentally it has helped me a lot..I feel better physically as well just drinking the water..

Well today is a good day..let us be glad and rejoice in it..
Today is all we have...
Loveyou all


  1. Try this to get away from the ice cream / sherbet...
    Get a box of Honey Maid chocolate graham cracker and a container of Cool Whip Free (fat free, sugar free, either one). Using one package of crackers at a time, break each rectangular cracker into 2 squares. Lay half of them out on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Top each one with a dollop of Cool Whip, you can measure it out. I use an ice cream scoop. Then put a square cracker on top and smoosh til the Cool Whip comes to the edges. Place the whole cookie sheet just like that in your freezer. Once they're frozen, you can individually bag the frozen sandwiches or leave them on the sheet! I don't know the calories off the top of my head, but they're minimal compared to ice cream or sherbet at a fraction of the sugar, but you get the same "thing" you're looking for as you do when you're reaching for the other. They make a nice bedtime snack!

  2. you should start doing water aerobics and or walk jogging in the swimming pool.... much easier on the knees and fun in the summer too!

  3. Hey kelli! Like sean says, if it's what makes you happy...then eat it. It will keep you from binging.
    I ate sugar free chocolate mint pudding the other day and it was 60 calories and awesome.
    Keep up the good work.