Monday, August 30, 2010

well i think being real is definately what we need...

me being brave getting my injections ..boy does it feel good now to walk..i never felt better..

well i had such a better day yesterday..i was honest with myself and i focused on getting the walk in and the right amount of calories down me..and it worked..i wasnt playing games with myself..i think we have to be honest or its just not going to work..

i did drink 32 ounces of water yesterday not the amount i should have but it was half the amount which is better than nothing like the day before...and i kept my calories at 1300 yesterday..i went out and walked last night and did almost a mile and a half.i walked for 30 minutes straight and felt like i was just starting again..but soon i will get used to it going to do a half mile at a in another week i will do 2 miles..just to get used to it again..

i made better choices yesterday and i knew i was doing this is something i have to be completely real with myself everyday and just know whatever choice i make ..its my choice..i can choose to be healthy and make good choices or i can choose to eat whatever i want and make bad choices and die early...its up to me..

i am making good choices today ..i already have my water bottle filled and am drinking my first of 3 bottles of water today..i will be going to work soon and be right there where the candy bars are at and burger king is at..but today i have my focus on the right things and eating the whoppers and the candy bars even though i love them are not going to be part of my focus...i have done pretty good with the candy bars so far..i havent bought any of those..just the peanuts but thats something that is way too salty ..

so today i will drink my water..
today i will eat 1300 calories..
today i will walk a mile and a half..
today i will do my best to stay focused..
today is is what we have ..
today i will make good choices..
how about you?

have a wonderful day..get up and get moving as one of my friends say..and as another friend says..lets keep getting better and better...
loveyou all

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  1. Kelli, no nutritionist here but I wonder if 1300 calories isn't enough for you? You haven't said but do you cook at all? Today I spent about an hour planning meals for the next week and then I went grocery shopping at 2 different stores. I'm really prepared food-wise. I have no challenges ahead this week so that's good WHEW!