Sunday, August 8, 2010

day1 some progress

this is me and my mom and my sister and sean about a year and a half ago...
at our charlies chicken..

okay this is day 1 of my returning to eating right and drinking right..
i am doing pretty good..i still have a few hours to be up but i still have 560 calories to get to my 1200 so thats okay..just not sure what i need to eat to reach it..i dont want sugar of any kind and no pop and no ice cream so it kinda leaves some things out ..

what i have had today is..
32 ounces of water so far..i will get to 64 i know that.
1 grilled chicken salad at 320 calories
1oz of green beans which my calorie counter says 50 calories..
and i had a bar for breakfast and a piece of cheese and an apple..
so not sure what i will have now but that amount came to 640..

i feel better about things i wasnt trying to whine or beat myself up ..i just want to be honest on here and this is what happened yesterday, and i did feel bad after i ate just didnt have the same tastes as it used too..

so this is day 1..30 days of this and i should have some weight off..hehe
thank you all for commenting yesterday..i looked at my counter and it said i had almost 200 people read last night..i was so amazed..
i am going to get it off once and for all..i want it off by the time i graduate from college with my bachelors degree..then onto a good job and maybe a different life ahead..wouldnt that be summer is my 25th high school reunion and i want to be a 150 pounds smaller than i started...

well its my one day off and i am still taking care of the uncle is sick and so i am on call but so far everything is going well..

i will walk maybe tonight but i know tomorrow night i will..
have a good evening..


  1. Great attitude today, Kelli! Your food choices are good, too.

    You can do this. You and only you.

  2. Every day is a day 1, Kelli...welcome to another day 1 and congratulations for doing so well.

  3. Kyle nailed it. you can't relive yesterday and you can't control tomorrow. Today is all you have.

  4. Look how far you've come! Amazing.