Sunday, August 15, 2010

i tried walking today!

me and my friend lisa ..she came by the stand the other day and surprised me..i was so glad to see her..

here iam walking up and down my ramp..i went out and walked for 21 minutes today and when i looked at my counter it said i had walked 8/10 of a 10th..not much but it felt like alot to legs are in so much pain now that this is the only walking i can do..i wasnt sure i could do that..but i needed to do something..

i got up today and am in so much pain with the legs that i ended up not going to church..i just cant walk..i sure wish next wed. would hurry up ..i will not take walking for granted is a pleasure and a privalage to be able to walk..i never thought about it til i lost it..i think we are like this at one time or another with something..we take our health for granted and then when we lose it ..thats when we think about it and wish we had it to do over again..

well i am doing that now..i am doing it over and getting my health back..God has given us a second chance and a second chance is all we need..we need our good health to be able to run with the be able to walk be able to feel good when we get up in the morning..we have to do this ..and we have to do this now..

i want to look good too just like everyone else .but i really want to feel good ..thats what i want..i havent forgotten whats it like to be able to walk a mile in 20 minutes and thats what i want again..i dont want to be walking so slow that a baby crawling can beat me..thats how i was walking today..hehe not fast..

i have done okay today..i had the plain yogurt with the cinnimon and banana in it..and then i had 3 bite size cookies which were 70 calories for all three..and then 2 slices of turkey and a slice of cheese...i ended up with 380 calories so far..i know i will be eating more this evening ..i am trying to watch the carbs as well as te calories..i think we have to watch it all in order to eat healthy..

i havent gotten started with the water yet but i will..i know i need the water down me everyday..its a given..i have been doing good about not having the ice cream or yogurt and i am focusing alot on staying away from that..its hard but iam trying..

i am glad i did walk for 20 minutes.i think anything will help right now..this is a setback but i am going to make it a positive happens and as long as we take it with a smile then everything will be okay..

i still cant wait til next wed..its going to feel like christmas all over again..!

enjoy your sunday..


  1. Congratulations on the walking! Every step counts and you must hold onto that thought. Way to go.

  2. Kelli, just wanted you to know that whenever I read your blog I feel so much better. You always seem to lift me! I am so sorry your legs are painful. I sympathise as right now I have very painful thrombophlebitis in mine and am waiting for hospital treatment. I know I use the pain as an excuse not to do much some days. You walked, with a cane and did the best you could in such difficult circumstances. I am full of admiration - but not only that, I feel inspired to try my best tomorrow - to get out there and walk. Hope you get your treatment soon.
    Thank you for writing something I really needed to read. x x

  3. I completely agree, looking better is great but feeling better is the best.
    Hang in there. Wednesday will be here soon.

  4. The best part about this transformation---isn't about our appearance--it's the complete transformation of our health. You got that right sis...
    keep walking down this road---the further you go, the better it becomes. I love you---and I don't say it enough---but I'm so proud of the strides you're making.

    Never give up Kelli---You deserve the best---and that's where you're headed!!!

    Love ya always sis,

  5. Kelli, congratulations to you for walking 20 minutes! What an inspiration you are. If you can walk for 20 minutes while you're in pain, knowing that the pain will be worse later on, then surely the rest of us can get up and move our butts as well. And Sean is right... it is so much more about how we feel than how we look. Of course we all want to look better, but looking good will be a by product of being healthy. Keep it up, Kelli! Good luck at the doctor's on Wed.

  6. go you!!!!

    such a big step and, in this journey of life, every step matters.

    xo xo

  7. Every step counts! Do as much as you can and it will be further soon. Hope your legs are better soon.