Sunday, August 1, 2010

well what a nice visit...

well here are the pictures of all of us tonight..kenz is a very pretty girl..fits right in to the can see we have a few in our family..hehe we used to have so many more..we would have over a 100 at family reunions was something..
they look pretty cute dont they..hehe

well i posted earlier today about how ive been doing...not so great but im getting better..the first thing i wanted to do was answer a couple of questions ..the reason i have the wraps on was because i have lymphadema in my legs and with this problem comes swelling alot of swelling..and as most people know i had to go thru alot of physical therapy to get it down..well now it is coming back and thats not i am wearing the wraps to get the swelling down enough to put the hose back afraid i will have this problem the rest of my life..

now onto the next question..another reader was wondering about the pain in my knees..yes i have to have knee injections and soon..the pain gets pretty severe now and sometimes i feel like iam back to step one with the i need to get it done now..i will have to have knee replacements when i am older and another good reason to get it off now..the ortho doctor does do the injections and they work really well..this last time it went 5 months before i had pain..

thanks for asking me questions makes me feel smart...hehe
anyway we went to new china tonight sister and brother in law are here for a few days and they had new china on the brain..hehe so we went there and tomorrow is my uncles birthday, so we thought we would do both at the same time..he is feeling so much better than last night..i did really well tonight ..i had water and i had already drank 24 ounces and so i drank another 32 ounces there..easy..then i went straight for the salad and got a small plate of that..with no dressing..and got some fruit and then i went back for the main plate but couldnt find alot i liked..i had sweet and sour chicken and some meat on a stick and a couple of deviled eggs..i ended it with a small very small chocolate yogurt was good..not as good as braums but good..and that was going back because i paid for it..i ate and didnt make myself sick..i enjoyed what i had and this is the first time i have not gotten sick go me!..

well about 745 sean and kenz made it in and that was fun..we got to meet her and she certainly has a bubbly personality..she is a very sweet person..and we took a lot of pictures..finally someone who likes to take pictures like me..hehe i have always had the most problems with the people in my family about pictures..nobody ever wanted to take pictures..sean didnt like it til now..and now he cant get enough either..hehe but i guess its our weight that holds us back sometimes..but ya know you cant go back and get those memories when you get just have to grin and bear it.hehe funny i know..haha

well i think everyone had a good time and we all enjoyed meeting our new friend..we all really liked her and she fit in just fine..i didnt do any walking going to walk tomorrow night if its midnight..hehe i have to get back to hoping it will help with my moods somehow..i get this way every time i see or meet other couples..i get to feeling like i am never going to get married and i dont know if i am or not ..i guess i shouldnt feel like this but the older i get the more i feel like i am not going to be married ..i dont know but thats how i felt tonight..i loved meeting kenlie and am very glad that sean and her have met..its just me i get depressed about things like this and then i cry and then i go on..all i can do..keep going and keep living and hope one day that God sees fit to place someone here that thinks i am beautiful and smart and kind..

well this has been a good day even with me ending it crying about not being happens and it will happen again, im sure..i just have to forget it and get over it..anyway i go back to work tomorrow and start another week..i hope you all will enjoy your journey trying to enjoy mine..that crying gets in my way sometimes..but its called being a girl who is over 40...hehe

have a good night everyone..


  1. hey kell, well one thing is for sure..sean and kenli have great teeth.
    You keep trucking honey You looked gret in those jeans, keep on moving forward for you. For your health and everything else. You don't know what all God has for you.
    You won't unless you keep going.

  2. I agreee with Chris, just keep treating yourself well and someone will see that and think, here's a girl who values herself and takes pride in her appearance, I want me some of that! Hee.

    The swelling will probably get better with more weight loss. I notice more swelling the more I weigh. Didn't Sean have those problems too? Another reason to lose weight.

  3. Keep focusing on this journey one day at a time. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we radiate it out to others. I hope someone special comes into your life one day.

    I'm happy you enjoyed meeting Kenz. She seems like such a sweet girl.

  4. I love you sis. You're one of the best---and you are beautiful and smart---and there will come a time. Embrace yourself---and remember, sometimes it, whatever "it" is, comes along when you're not looking...or expecting. I love you Kelli, and I know that wonderful things are in your future...

  5. I know it gets lonely dear but I say special prayer for you to be able to keep the strength on your wonderful journey! You can do this! You have done so much even with all your physical ailments! Stay focused!