Thursday, August 5, 2010

a very busy 3 days..

just some family pics from the last 3 days..had a lot of fun now back to the normal routine..

we have had a lot of fun the last three mom has enjoyed it as well..and i am so glad she did..yesterday was our first day back to the way our life normally is..and it felt kinda funny..we had been going places and seeing people for 3 days now and all of a sudden were back to normal routines..well my mom likes normal routines..i on the other hand like to spice things up once in a while and do something i am writing my blog from that is different since my uncle usually doesnt like anyone to bring the computers to work..but he doesnt know so we wont tell him..right!..hehe so this is real different for me..finally something for me to do while i am glad i have this job..but really i wouldnt blame my uncle if he closed it up right now..its so slow there is no way he is going to make money with it this summer..

yesterday we went to charlies chicken to eat and i did something different there too..i ate chicken livers and gizzards instead of the normal plates i would get..but i like livers and i looked it up on my calorie counter on my phone and it wasnt too bad..i didnt exactly put down every calorie on paper yesterday but i know i didnt go over my 1300 ..just simply because i didnt eat a whole lot..i need to focus on that more..and what kind of food i need to be eating instead of the fast food stuff..but i am doing alot better about not eating the snocones here at work..i have decided i dont need them..they are only sugar and i just dont need it..i got down 40 ounces of water yesterday and i am going to do more today..i am doing better about wanting to drink the water than i used too..i used to never want water and now i get up and thats the first thing i do is get my water..and thats not a glass its a 24 ounce bottle..whoohoo one that says i love new york..hehe thanks kenlie i love it..

while i was at charlies yesterday my friend holly saw my app for the calorie counting and so i helped her put it on her phone and she just loves it..i have had the most help with this app than any other app..i love calorie king but this is the one ofr my phone and it helps us tremendously..i still havent gotten out and walked yet..tonight i am going too and i know i have said that over and over and something always happens to stop it..well last night it was a storm..came up real fast and i even saw the rain clouds coming in..looked spooky..but i will tonight ..i know its the walking and the water and the calories..together..i cant do it with just one of the three its all of the three..well i was able to put my compression hose back on my wrapping my legs for the week that i did that really helped bring them i need to keep them chair broke on me and so i havent been able to go back in the chair and keep my legs up..but i have a hassack now and it seems to legs do feel better in the hose..

well today finds me at work writing my blog and talking to my friends..this makes a long day very short..i hope you all have a wonderfully short day..hehe
enjoy the journey you are on..


  1. Beautiful pics of the family. Congrats on all the water drinking, too!!!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your day Kelli! Thanks for posting the photos! :)

  3. cool on the app. Great pics of the family. Keep up the great work

  4. That app sounds pretty great...and it looks like you really did have a busy weekend!