Friday, August 27, 2010

this is an update for this morning...

this is my prince charming..hehe i thought it was cute..

i made it through the day..i did just what i said i was going to do and boy was it hard...i had the candy bars staring at me all was awful.but i made it...i walked my mile tonight after i got home from work..i used my walking poles and that was and a workout but it felt like i was skiing...hehe

i ended up with 1350 in calories so i guess thats not too bad..considering i could have been alot worse..then i stayed completely away from the pop today..i did well with diet pop at all..and i drank water all day..i am still drinking my water now..i will end up with the 64 ounces by the time i go to bed..and no candy bars...yea! no candy bars...i couldnt believe it myself..we have so many yummy candy bars that its just not fair to temp me like this..but its my job..

tomorrow will be another day and another attempt at staying on track..i did well today and tomorrow i will do it again..

have a good night..
keep it one day at a time..


  1. The walking poles sound like a good idea because they must add stability, and that's a good thing. Take care of yourself lady! And keep up the good work. <3

  2. one day at a time...that is a great attitude. awesome that you got your walk in. Good job.

  3. Good for you, Kelli, and oh my a snickers would really tempt me. I am not a big candy bar person but I love nuts of all kinds. This morning I have already walked 2 miles and I threw away some ice cream sandwiches left over from my grandsons treats. The boys won't be here so often now since school is back on so I am really purging goodies. I just can't have ice cream in the house- my big confession! My sister loves sweets but a half gallon of ice cream will last her months!!!

  4. You had a fantastic day! Keep stringin' those fantastic days together and you are there, Sweetie! Good job!