Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i crashed today.....hehe

Thought I fooled ya huh...hehe I did crash today..but not how you would think..
My computer crashed on me just a few minutes ago..so I have to do this from my
Phone ...I hate doing it from my phone..everything is so small..and I can't put any pictures..
On here..I guess I should be glad I have a way of doing it from my phone ..

But today has been pretty good...I was supposed to go to the dentist today and get
Broken tooth looked at..but I can't seem to walk right now..my knees have gone into
Major pain and have given out on me..I get injections Friday and I sure can't wait..
It hurts just to try and get out of the car after I have driven...but I hope the injections
Will do something positive for my knees...cause I can't go through this pain anymore..

I got up this morning and at the breakfast bar ..I do need to boil me some eggs..I like boiled eggs and soft eggs
And scrambled eggs...hehe I think I like eggs...hehe
But after that I had the grillled go wrap and a baked potato with butter..
Then we went riding and ended up going thru braums but this time I just got sherbert..
I looked on my calories and the sherbert is 130 calories for a scoop..that's better than the yogurt
And the ice cream...I got a freeze so its probably 2 scoops..260 calories..
So my calories today have only been 960 altogrther...iam on my water..no pop and
Iam wanting to stay away from the sugars but they seem to be in everything..
Sean and kenli are coming tonight..so when I get off work I will get to see them..
I guess when my knees get injected I will be able to walk then..I sure can't now..

I feel like I have a whole new attitude about this now and I know that if I don't do it for
Real...I won't be here past a few more years..and if iam I will be in a wheelchair..
I don't want that..I want to walk again...you remember the movie I want to live with
Susan hayward....I want to live...I really want to live...

Enjoy the evening

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  1. I hope the pain gets better and the injections help!
    Keep staying determined you are doing great!