Sunday, August 29, 2010

well being honest isnt always easy..

our favorite cowboy and what he says here is a real quote...good to hear..

okay i have to be honest..i always try to be anyway..its just the best way to live..but yesterday was not a good choice day for me..i did it..i made the choice to not go by my calories..i made the unhealthy choice to eat a jr.whopper at burger king..and then because i had already in my mind had blown it..i made the choice to eat more calories and end up with 2000 calories yesterday..i made that choice and no one else is going to take the blame but me..i will see it on my hips and i will feel it ..

but the best part is i have today to do yesterday i didnt drink water but i didnt drink pop either..i didnt drink much of anything...i had 1 bottle of tea all day..i didnt walk you see i made the choice to not do anything not sure why really..but i did it anyway..

so then after i got off of work i had my ice cream cone..and then another taco..i felt bad all day and night but it didnt stop me from actually doing now i have today to do better..even if its my day off ..i can at least walk tonight and drink some water..i mean really do i want to keep doing this to myself and gain all my weight back that i have lost ...NO i dont..i dont want to see 300 much less 356..i dont even want to see i wont..i will do better is all i have..

i will drink my water today..
i will walk some point..hehe
i will focus on keeping my calories intact..

i have to be honest with myself..i have to do this and focus..i wasnt stressed yesterday..i wasnt even that bored..i was actually getting busy for once at the stand..i started out okay and then when i went to burger king to use the restroom ..i took some money with me and made a bad choice..the thing is i knew what i did and after i did it i did it mentality was going back to the way i used to think..apparently i havent fully gone away from it..but now i am aware of it more and thats now i will do the things i need to do to be healthy..i will become more focused and stay that way..i have too..i want to be here for many more years if the Lord will allow it..

so what i am doing not what i did is the day we are given..i am going to do my best to live about you?

enjoy the day..


  1. I am kind of starting over each day also. I ate outside of my norm while on vacation and had food out at places that probably used more oils and butter than I do cooking AND I ate french fries twice which makes me feel ill since they took my gall bladder out many years ago... don't even know why I did it, BUT you are right...each day is a new start and more good days add up.

  2. I know this may sound silly, but I think the fact that you had a jr. whopper and not some of the absolutely ridiculous sandwiches they do offer (and that I used to eat multiple of) is a great thing...just wanted to put it in some perspective.

    Sorry I've been gone for too long!

  3. I think that all or nothing attitude really gets us. The "I had a Whooper Jr. and so I blew the whole day" attitude. You've got to think like Sean. Nothing is off limits including that Whopper Jr.

    Oh, and it sounds like you could use some veggies in your diet too! I was shocked when I went on a trip to the Midwest how little veggies were served with anything. Weight Watchers might really help you with your choices.

  4. We don't (or shouldn't) live in a food prison. Every now and again we should eat outside our healthy norm. We just don't have to go cuckoo with it. I think you did pretty well, actually. And you are correct....each morning we are always given the opportunity to do a better job of it.

    Margie M. writes at:

  5. I have written your post several times myself. Good for you that you came here and owned up. Too often people just don't post when they slip-up leaving the rest of us to wonder why we always slip up, but no one else does.



    You didn't make a bad choice, considering. It could've been worse. Arm yourself with an arsenal of good choices so that when you go in the next time you can order something within your calorie budget and leave there feeling noble. When we travel, in order to make this thing work and not be a pain in the butt to everyone traveling with us, I plan out my best calorie values for any given fast food restaurant. That way, when we get off of an exit, I'm not the party pooper. And I kind of like not even having to navigate a menu once I enter; I already know what I'll be eating because I decided 300 miles earlier what was best for me.

  7. I think it is important to recognize the failures along with the successes! Bravo for realizing you had a bad day but not letting it stop your progress. Today is a new day and you can do it!
    Make sure to drink lots of water and yes get lots of veggies in, they are filling and low calorie :)