Friday, August 27, 2010

its more fun 10 pounds at a time..

this is me yesterday in front of our original snocone stand ..we had to move it off the lot yesterday and we had been there for 18 was a sad day..

i got up today and just wanted to see what i weighed and if i could weigh on my scales at home now ..and i can..whoohoo! i am down to 298..i lost another pound since monday and i havent even been eating the right foods either..thats why i was so surprised that i had lost..i am so glad though..this is more fun looking at small goals than the big picture all at now i am 8 pounds from my goal of 290..i hadnt been 290 since i was 30..i remember weighing 290 then, because i was over at a friends house at least i thought he was a friend...not sure anymore.but he asked me what i weighed..i thought wow how he was a very healthy thin guy and supposed to be a nice guy and asking me how much i weighed..and of course i had the biggest crush on him and so i told him..i said well i weigh 290 how much do you weigh...he said 190..oh my you are 100 pounds more than me..i didnt think too much of it then but now he was just being rude like he was anyway..

i dont have a crush on him now..hehe in fact i have no idea where he is at now..but he was always trying to get me off the pop..i think he would be happy that i am off..but lately i have been drinking some diet pop and i need to stop it..i noticed myself the other day and i had drank 72 ounces of diet pop...thats bad..i didnt drink any water either..and thats NOT a good thing..but today is a different day..its a day where i can begin again and do well for myself..i have all day to drink my water instead of the pop..i have all day to make the right choices instead of eating what comes in front of me..its my choice to live healthy or to die choice..God gives me the choice now i have to make the right one and give it to God to help me..
i am going to work in an hour to work til 10 tonight and i will walk when i get friend glen bought me some walking poles last night and so i am going to try them out tonight..they say they help burn 45% more calories than just i will let you know how it works..i need to start again on my shake has been just sitting here in the living room collecting dust for the past month..but i am going to use it now..i am going to get fit and stop talking about it so much..i wanna get it off but i have to put the effort out there to do now i am doing it..

i will keep at 1300 calories
i will drink 64 ounces of water today.
i will walk at least 1 mile..
i will stay off the pop..
and i will stay away from the candy bars..
we are selling candy bars at our stand now and i am staring at them all day and they happen to be my favorite, so you can see how tempting it is..but i will not get one today..
this is my pledge for today..

hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the journey..


  1. I had a pair of those walking poles. I wore out the rubber tips, and didn't use them for a while and the Hubster thought they were no good and pitched them. But they were great. I don't know if you burn more calories, but they make the workout a lot more fun. Enjoy!!


  2. I agree with the title of your post. I post my update pictures every 10 pounds. 50 pounds later they are my biggest motivation to keep moving on. I think they also help motivate others. It's crazy how much of a difference 10 pounds can make in the way you look.

    You are doing awesome with your weight loss! I definitely don't think I could resist those candy bars. I might have to wear a clothes pin on my nose all day so that I wouldn't smell it. :)