Tuesday, May 18, 2010

another day another walk..

this is how i feel tonight..just blah..and getting my associates was a very proud moment..may 2009..now my bachelors dec.in 2011..school year 2012..

this was a day of just working and not knowing what else to do..i walked tonight and did almost 2 miles altogether..but earlier today i walked in place at my stand..i am not sure if this is as effective as walking somewhere or not..i know it made me sore and i felt the burn..so i guess something was happening..

iam feeling like a rut right now..i dont know why but i am..i just feel like blah tonight..not knowing how i feel or what to say tonight..i did my walk and continued on my calorie count..ended up with 1390 and i hope its doing something..i took my hose off tonight, so now iam going to have to struggle with getting them on in the morning..i really hope my legs dont swell up tonight..i got a message from a guy i used to talk to on myspace and he wanted to meet with me soon..but i am just a little scared to do it..i dont think there is anything wrong with him.i dont feel like there is, but i just dont like this..i know what it is he kept talking about before and i dont like it then or now..i just wish that the right man would come along even as a friend right now..and just make me feel a little more secure..iam just having one of those nights i guess..not feeling like much, and just living in a rut..

i know iam not going to go meet him or anyone else for that matter that i dont know..i dont want to go through that ..i think iam going to go to bed and try to sleep..maybe i will feel better in the morning..have a good night!


  1. women friends are good to find too...
    at least I find that to be true.

    You are rocking the walking and yes walking in place counts..movement counts.

  2. Any movement is good movement, so I definitely walking in place counts!!

    And sometimes, a good night's sleep is the best remedy. I know that is sometimes the only thing that can get me into a new perspective for the next day.

  3. heres hoping you DID get a great and rejuvenating nights sleep.
    it can change everything for me...

    xo xo


  4. Kelli,

    In time you will meet the right man. It can happen today or it can happen tomorrow. You just never know when it will take place. You could wake up today and it be the "day". God is wonderful and he knows what he is doing. He will bring someone in your life when you are truly ready. You have to thank God for unanswered prayers because what you think you need or want at the time just might not be the right thing in the end.

    Have faith and keep doing what you are doing. Getting your associates is another huge accomplishment and continuing on to get your bachelors degree is very admirable. I am going part-time to school and know how difficult it can be. Stay motivated and love the walking in place idea. Any exercise is good so if you are just standing around walking in place is an excellent idea. I should have thought of that too!

    You are an amazing woman and I am just so excited to see you on this journey.


  5. I think we ALL have those days... the blah days.. run of the mill, routine, hum drum, in a rut feeling days. I know I do! I've had a lot of them over the last year. They come and go like the tide. In... out... in... out. I really think it's kinda normal, actually.

    What makes the difference is how we RESOND to them. Our attitude. If we over-react, it can hurt us. If we shrug and accept it as temporary, no biggee, and get on with business, we will be just fine.

    I think you are right... a good nights sleep can make a world of difference!

  6. This is an important time for you...the time for you to stand on your own to know, not guess, that you have the strength to push forward on this journey. At that point, your strength and confidence will be attractive to the right man to be in your life. It'll happen for you...I assure you.