Wednesday, May 12, 2010

iam wearing pants i hadnt wore before

me tonight all fixed

i have had another day of watching out for storms and looking out for the sun which never came to go to uncles business depends on the weather, i dont like it that way but if he pays us to just sit there, then he ends up losing when we have days like the week we have been having, then i have to watch for the sun to pop out..but the sun never poped out and he decided i needed to go to work around 3 i did..i did 2 customers and they were free to begin unfortunately he didnt make a dime off of me today..but its a job so i need to stop complaining about it i guess..i have done it forever and i can do it in my sleep..i probably have

but after i got off work then we all headed home and got in just in time to watch out for the weather ..we kept watching but we only got a windstorm tonight..which is good..we are still expecting more tomorrow and friday..these spring days are not always fun..but this morning i actually got to do my last session with my therapist..she is a really neat lady and i am going to miss her..i am going to have to go by and just say hello..but she said she would keep up with me on my blog..
i went down in size on my legs at least around my ankles i did..the calves seem to be up some but hopefully they will go down too..

i went and walked the ramp tonight..i thought man i have to keep walking..i dont care if it storms for forty days and nghts..i have to walk i walked the plank as we call it..and it hurts more than the walking does...i did a mile again..iam going to have to go up on that..i cant keep at just a mile..i wont get too far that way..but i was sweating when i came it was good..
i watched every calorie again..this is what i have to do always...i ended up with 1300 all day..which is good..i like that..i am actually wearing some pants now i hadnt ever got into before..i fixed my hair and makeup and was just playing around tonight being silly..and so i tried on this pair of pants i bought at walmart last year and was not able to wear said a size 26 and i thought i was..but appearantly i wasnt yet..but now iam ..yea! these are pants you zip and these are skin tight clothes and they arent skin tight..iam so glad to see make me feel so much better..i know i will make it to my goal..i know i will..i just have to keep doing the same thing and step up the walking..i drank 5 glasses of water 5 glasses..i was pleased..

i took a few pictures of me full length i said i was playing..something to do on a rainy night..hehe

i do feel pretty good..i can see my double chin though..i dont like that..but it will go away soon and for good..hope you all have a good night..


  1. great job kelli, way to watch the calories and get the walking in.
    You are doing great. I love the pants. I made a deal with myself that once I lost the weight I was never going to wear stretchy pants again..just button pants.
    And I haven't and i do.
    have a great night.

  2. You look so beautiful. Doesn't it just feel amazing to finally get to wear something that didn't fit before? I could just live in that moment forever and it is so motivating.

    I am so glad to hear you had a good day. Staying at 1300 calories is a great job. Keep up the good work. And walking a mile is wonderful. You will work your way up eventually. I am just now at walking 1.5 miles for my normal walk. I have done two laps (3 miles) just twice so I am slowly getting there.

    Take care and have a good Thursday!

  3. It will time.....
    The adjustments aren't JUST physical....
    For that fact alone, I'm GLAD it takes a little time,
    or we would be too afraid of the process of change,
    and what it represents.
    "Walk by faith, not by sight" really applies here!

  4. Congrats on wearing a smaller pants size! Keep it up, and those pants are going to be crazy baggy on you within a month. You can do it!

    As for the mile...that's tricky. I know how you feel...that you should push yourself and do MORE. But if you push yourself too much, you're going to burn yourself out and start having a negative association with working on. (I used to push myself TOO HARD at the gym, and these I dreaded going.) Maybe try to do one or two "push yourself hard" day per week, then just keep doing the mile for the rest of the week. That way you're spicing up the exercise routine without burning yourself out! Just an idea.

    Keep it up!


  5. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...and you are doing it...getting out and walking what you can and keeping tabs on the eats. Wearing smaller clothes is one of the best rewards!

  6. How exciting about the smaller pants fitting without being tight! I can't wait to lose the stretchy pants! You are doing wonderfully! I'm sure with your attitude and determination you will reach your goal!! Great job!

  7. Hi Kelli! Thanks for following me. You look great...I really like your top and congrats on getting in the smaller pants. I am going to add you to FB too, I am Kay Phoenix. Thanks!