Wednesday, May 19, 2010

torando coming thru time for feeling blah today!

well this was not the same kind of day as yesterday..WOW! we knew it would be severe, but we never thought we would have the tornado in our town..we are usually pretty lucky and they pass us or go around us for some reason..this time they were coming straight down the highway for us..right down hyway 51..well we dont live very far from there and this was a huge tornado..and it was going 140 miles an hour..can you believe that..well when we heard that it was coming for us, we were waiting on my brother to get done was 5pm and he was coming but so was the big bad tornado..

i try not to be too scared of these doesnt do anyone any good to go chaotic about them..but we do need to be weather aware all the we had the weather on at wendys and then they were on the radio and ya know the weathermen freak out too..and that doesnt do anyone any good..we have good stormchasers and good forcasters but it sure is scary when they keep telling ya to get to cover..they kept saying the name of our town over and over ..kept saying it was coming straight through and it was mean...

well now we only had about an hour to get somewhere before the whistles blow..and we have to get our mom down the stairs...not an easy task..once we got ready to leave the house..i kept calling people to get them to shelter and others kept calling us to get us to shelter, then everyone had to go to the bathroom, and i tried to tell the cats to get under the after all that we had maybe 20 minutes to get somewhere..when we got to the student union parking garage everyone was thinking the same it was a mile long wait to get in, but by the time we made it to get in, it was completely we had to think sean is calling us and telling us to get somewhere fast and i am texting everyone i know..and so we head to the clubhouse where we live..well this is the shelter for us but we cant get mom down the we normally dont use it..

this time we had too..we got there and the other half of town was there..full boy but we made it in..we saw all our the whistles are blowing and mom is not going down the stairs..okay i will stay with her..but we finally coaxed her down and everyone helped get her down..iam so grateful for the ones who helped was not something i wanted to do either but we had we got down and i got to sit next to santa claus..isnt that cool..yep he was down there half the people stayed upstairs and let us all know what was going on..and my brother went out and took pictures of the horrible thing...

our cousins and aunt made it over to us too..and we couldnt get our aunt downstairs because she cant walk very well at i went back up with my brother while my mom and sister stayed was an experience..we dont normally have them but this time we did..and so when they sounded the all clear then we all mad eit back upstairs and sat around there to visit until the rain stopped..i dont think the rain cleared very much..but it did produce the prettiest double rainbow i had i have a lot of pictures over the course of the night and i hope you get to enjoy them..we are back home now and it did do damage around town..they said it touched down in the middle of town and it shows that it tomorrow is supposed to be better least i hope it tired now..i did get all my calories in before this happened..but no walking tonight..i kinda feel bloated today..all day long..not a good feeling...have a good night..

hereya go..this is the big bad tornado..


  1. geez, glad you all are okay!
    Awesome pics. holy canoli with the line for tornado shelter...think you guys need a few more places to go..
    Have a good night kelli.

  2. Wow! Glad you and your loved ones made it to the shelter!

  3. So glad you guys are okay. I hate tornado season. We don't get them often, but we get scares. I remember last year was particularly scary b/c I saw a funnel cloud pass right over where I live. So glad you guys made it out safely and I think you have a pretty good excuse for not getting your walk in. lol

  4. How scary! I am so glad you and yours are okay. I can't imagine being in the middle of all that!

  5. scary! I thought growing up in california with earthquakes was bad :)

  6. glad you area okay! We are several hours south of you, but when a storm came over us yesterday, it was soooo creepy. It hailed without raining. THen total silence. No wind or rain or anything. How awesome (and scary) Oklahoma weather can be!

  7. How scary!!!! I am glad you are okay!