Sunday, May 2, 2010

a snaky kind of day ..

well today i woke up and was so sore, i couldnt even move..i knew i was supposed to go to church, but i literally couldnt move ..i couldnt get up, i had used muscles yesterday i didnt know i even so i stayed sore all day..this has been a snaky day and i just kept snaking, i ended up with 1600 calories today..i was snaking tonight too..i dont know if i was just bored or just sore or just used to eating and wasnt paying attention tonight...i did pay attention to how many calories i digested just not how much food i

I LOVE LUCY has been on all day and so i have been watching television alot today..i guess thats where the snaking comes in at..i used to eat and not care..didnt really count the calories just ate it..i decided after we got home i would go ahead and walk even if it was getting dark and i was still i did get a mile in today, and that was better than the last two days..we went past the pond today on the campus and the ducks looked like they were getting ready to cross the street..i really wished i had brought my camera was so cool..

i think its just a lazy day for me today....i go back to work tomorrow night, so i start out a week of working, of course i am used to this kind of work..we will see how good i am at leaving the snocones alone this summer..hehe

i got another blog award tonight..and i have to give my most embarrassing moment..i finally remembered it and i will post it tomorrow night..i think these awards are so cool..its nice to be noticed and i thank you chris..

i guess i will see what tomorrow is another day..i seem to be in some kind of rut..i count calories and walk a mile..not sure about that..i think i need to step something up in order to get this off..i guess when i get the hose at the end of the week, i will be able to walk longer..right now it feels like i have 10 pounds on each leg..i know they are attached to me sure feels like it..

well i guess i need to go to bed..gotta get up early again..
tomorrow brings a new future..hopefully its a good one..


  1. well it doesn't HAVE to be your most could post a soundtrack to your childhood....or get drunk and blog for fifteen minutes...which I am pretty sure isn't you.
    Or take a picture of yourself before you get all dolled up in the morning.
    I thought the soundtrack to your childhood one sounded the best. i have a feeling you really love music and are also intuitive. It would be neat to see. Good luck in any case.

  2. awww thanks..i might do both..its pretty embarrassing but its the past so it doesnt feel embarrassing now..and no iam not a drinker at all and i love

  3. That sore was a good kind of sore, wasn't it?
    Kelli---You're doing wonderful---keep up the good work, ok? I hope to be down and see everybody soon.

    i love you sis,