Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a backwards day!

this was the clouds we had today..tomorrow might be another story..more rain..and this is me tonight..i cut my bangs and washed my hair..so i was playing around..

well this is the latest blog i have done to date..it is now 2 am on tuesday morning, and i am about to talk about monday ..lol well it wasnt a bad monday..it was a monday..i got up early and took my brother to work..i can never wake up in the morning..i guess iam always going to be a night owl even when i have to get up early..its just in me to be asleep til noon..but i made it up and back home..my cats wanted to be fed early so i did..but i told them to not get used to that..i dont like being up at 730 in the morning..anyway i got the things done i needed to do and then i went and got my brother for lunch and we went home..well when i took him back i had to go to work too..we have two stands and i usually run what is called #2..but today #1 needed some help..it is our busiest one and even if the other one doesnt get open this one always does..

so i went there thinking someone would come in and replace me so i could go to the other one and open it too..not a chance..no one came in til 4 pm and by then the crowd is usually gone for the day..but i went over there anyway and thought i was going to open and then my uncle decided not too..i dont blame him, he would be losing money if he did..so i got to go home early which is nice and not nice..i need the money..but working in the first one made me realize i am getting smaller, because i used to never be able to stand on the step stools and get the mixes down, and today i could and not overbalance myself..i was excited..i am going to be a normal size i cant wait..everything is so tall in this building that i cant reach anything unless i stand on a step stool..so i normally woudldnt work this stand unless it was an emergency..but whoohoo i did it..

i know it sounds silly to get excited over little things, but its all the little things that make up the big things and make it exciting to go down this road..its a mystery and you never know what you will find next..but getting back to the backwards part of this..well since i got off early and worked the different stand..that starts the backwards day..i then went home and got my mom and sister and we left..well we only had a few minutes til we had to pick him up so we went and got our yogurt cone first..and then we picked him up and then we went to eat..see how backwards we were today..and the last thing we did was go for our walk..we had a very backwards day ..but it was fun..we had cucumbers tonight instead of eating anything else we cut one up and ate it..it was good..so i had 1350 in calories and i walked almost 2 miles tonight even after i worked and walked thru walmart..so i am tired now..

but i found out my friend is okay..he is going to be back online here soon..so i was so relieved..i would not know what to do if he was badly hurt or worse..i am just thankful he is okay..i did have a snicker earlier today..but i needed some calories and the snickers was the best option..it was 280 calories and i hadnt had chocolate in a long while..so i wanted some..but i counted it ..see how easy it is when all you have to do is count the calories you eat..thats all..just be mindful of everything that goes into your mouth..

i guess i better get to bed soon..its pretty late..but it was a good day and iam enjoying it so much..i never thought i would enjoy trying to lose weight, but i actually do and the crazy thing is i dont have to make myself walk or exercise..i just do it..its just me now..i go out even at night and walk the ramp..i walked in place tonight for 30 minutes outside and loved it..i felt the burning in the muscles and it felt good..i even exercised today at work..i figure as long as i am standing up on my feet..i might as well be doing something productive if i am not already..lol so exercise for me is now just part of my life..and i am so glad it is..
i hope you all can make it the best part of your life as well..
have a wonderful tuesday..


  1. that is the best way to be....to make it 'just what you do' and just 'who you are'.
    You are going to be normal sized. Just beware when it starts to happen, it feels surreal.
    Sometimes I am just sitting and I look down and feel a little disconnected from what I am seeing. It takes a while to sink in. I can't wait till you feel that way too!

  2. Kelli,
    It is not silly at all to celebrate the little things along the way. It is still weird for me to see the changes too. Just the other day I was amazed at how easy it has gotten to shave my legs. I had not even realized it had been difficult until I saw how easy it had gotten. I think sometimes we just adjust when we gain weight that we do not even notice the changes that happen.

    I have now found that I too just do the exercise. It just seems like it is a natural part of me all of a sudden. Now, I do still have tough times, in fact this past week was more challenging than normal, but overall it is now a habit. I am still in shock over that and don't think that my mind has really caught up with my body yet.

    We will get there in time. Just enjoy today because you never know when it will be taken away!


  3. You sound like such a fun person. If we lived closer, I'd want to tag along and walk with you........and get a yogurt cone! :)

  4. Aww!! Ya know what? Those little realizations are THE BEST!!!! I was excited when I could fit into a smaller size pants, but I was REALLY excited when it was easier to paint my own toenails! hehe ;)

    I am glad your friend is okay!