Saturday, May 22, 2010

well i got thru the day..

well the day started out was a saturday, and was going to be a good day...i went to work at 4 this evening and we had only done a half page then...well we had only been open two hours, so i thought okay we will get busier..surely we will..nope i was wrong..we got slower..i sat there and sat there and nobody came..our other stand was going strong..but we werent..and we just cant figure this out..

so i got bored..deathly i thought about a snocone..but then NO..i said..not a snocone..iam not ruining this day for a then i looked at my pedometer and it said i had only walked like 200 steps today..i couldnt just sit there and not i went outside and i walked..but for some reason i couldnt get the powerwalking like i was last night..i did a mile but it took 25 minutes to do it..last night it took 35 minutes to do 2 miles..i just didnt understand that..i was walking fast and i got my heart rate up..i was even sweating when i got done..but i did it i went back in and looked at my watch and i still had 2 hours to what a just took forever to get to 9pm still not rested..i will probably have to take some pain medicine to relieve my pain all pretty exhausted tonight..but i did drink 6 glasses of real water..not flavored water but real honest to goodness water..and i liked tonight i had 1300 calories and 6 glasses of water and walked a mile..not to bad for a saturday ..

i took a full figure picture tonight to see if i do look thinner in these other pants, and i do..its pretty cool i actually look smaller..some of my friends who saw me walking tonight at the stand was telling me on fb how nice i really look, so i needed to see it sure feels good to be noticing a difference and others notice it too..hope you all have a wonderful sunday..


  1. Great job kelli...I love turqoise on's a pretty color.
    Love the lipstick too.
    Good job on a mile.
    That two miler may have made you tight.
    I know that the workout I put in on a sunday is really intense...Yet I can only get my heart rate up to a 135-140 range.
    By Friday, that same workout will put my heart rate into the 150-160 range. My body is tired.
    That's why that day of rest is so crucial.
    Good job on the water intake.

  2. got through the day and I have those days too...I may have a couple decent runs out there, e.g. 4.5, 3.1 miles, etc. and to follow it up with 1.32...but I keep trying. And you'll keep trying because you know that on another day, you'll do 2 miles in 34 minutes and keep improving with the occasional blah day along the way.

  3. I usually don't worry about how long it takes me to do a mile. I just like walking outside at my own pace and working up a sweat. But when I'm on the treadmill, it does matter how long it takes. I guess that's a little game I play with myself to overcome the boredom.

  4. Great work on getting the water and exercise in. Isn't it great when others begin to notice your efforts?

  5. great job!!!! You are doing so awesome. So happy for you :) I love it when others notice our efforts it just gives you the little extra motivation.