Saturday, May 22, 2010

i powerwalked 2 miles in 35 minutes..whoohoo!

we usually watch a john wayne movie on fridays, but tonight it was gregory peck..he was good too..

wow iam so excited tonight..well to start the day it was just like any other day..i get up and go to work by 2pm and off by 6 and doing family things after that..well tonight we wanted a change in the we went to cici's pizza..yea its a buffet of pizza..and i ate too much and actually my sister did too..we ate til we were sick..not good..i had the calories but really thats a bad choice..its a change though, not one we will do again for a come i can control myself at the stockade, but not at cici's..?

anyway i kept telling my sister we were walking..we was walking this pizza off..even if we walked for an hour..we were going to do she knew we were coming home to walk..neither of us felt like it but as soon as i hit the door..i grabbed my ipod and out the door i went..i told her she could follow up when she she was pretty much behind me..but i was walking..i couldnt believe how fast i was pushing myself tonight..i was really walking, and i wasnt running it was walking..i guess it was powerwalking..cause i felt the i looked at my pedometer and it said i had done a mile in 15 minutes..whoohoo 15 minutes thats a record for me..! so i kept walking and i did 2 miles in 35 minutes..i was going..and really i could have gone longer but my uncle was here now and we were getting ready to watch a thats what we all did tonight..this was western night..every friday night we pick out a western we had taped some time during the week and watch it in honor of my dad..he loved the westerns...tonight was the gunfighter with gregory what a good movie..i could watch that movie over and over..can you tell i take after my

well after we got done and got everyone ready to go to bed..i came in my room ready to sit down and do my blog for today..which is what iam doing now..and i decided to try on a pair of new pants i bought today..this is a pair of 22/24 pants and i wasnt sure i would fit yet...but wow i put them on and they are not even tight..they fit great and soon i will be in an 18/20 because these are really actually loose..which is so nice..i hadnt been this size in sure feels nice to get there..

well i guess i have described my day..sometimes its not as exciting as i would like it to be..but then i really dont want too many of the days we had the other day either..that was tooooo
you all have a wonderful weekend..i will blog more tomorrow..


  1. Sounds like your day had the perfect level of excitement to me! Woot! Woot! You powerwalked and did an amazing job. I too normally walk a mile in 15 mins. That is when I go out and walk in the real world. I don't know why but on a treadmill I can go faster. Just can't seem to get any faster at the park unless I run, crazy.

    I know Cici's can get you every time. At least you said that you had the calories. It just was not the healthiest choice. But now you know how you react to that place.

    Hope you have a great Saturday!

    Rock it, live it, own it!

  2. That's what I try to do when I eat too much of the wrong thing...walk it off ASAP. At least it moves it on through your digestive system where you don't "feel" as miserable. Great job on your time, too! Keep it up!

  3. You walk a mile faster than I can :)!!!!! Good on you!

  4. Hey, well done on that good walk Kelli! Your fitness is really improving! I too enjoyed a walk today but I must do it regularly - every day as you do. I am just catching up - and I am so glad you all came through that tornado. I heard about it on the news. I love the fact that you and you family are so close, look out for each other and share lots. That comes through so strongly when you write :)

  5. Great job on the walking and fitting into your new pants!!!

    Western night sounds like a nice, relaxing time.

  6. Wow...great job on the walk! It'll all come together for you.

  7. Wow you're doing GREAT!! It takes me 35 mins to walk 2 miles also, so I know exactly how hard you're pushing yourself....I'm very proud of you girl!! :)