Saturday, May 1, 2010

not quite the snocone day..

these are all pictures from today and alot are family..but it was fun..

well today was the grand opening for our snocone stand..not quite the opening we wanted but you cant always get the weather you want all the didnt rain but was cloudy enough to keep it really cool ..which i love, but not for this..i work for my uncle bob in the summer and have for around 15 years or so..iam the snoconegirl..and now the its really alot of fun and i get to meet some very intersting people sometimes..

but today they just didnt make it out to see us..we had hot dogs and pop and popcorn and cotton candy ..and of course snocones...and we had a handful of was kinda disappointing but life goes on..we will have another day on monday..i am so sore from all the walking and getting in and out of the stand with these castes..i can barely move..i hurt all over..i did so well today..i was very pleased..i didnt have one not even one snocone..yea!usually if i have one i will have another and another and keep going..but i didnt have one..i didnt have anything else either..i had one hotdog because i had to eat i had a hotdog on a bun with mustard..that was it..we have burger king next door and last summer they got to know me by my first name..not this summer..they may not know me at all..

the other girls were going over there and getting stuff and they asked me if i wanted anything and i said no thank nice to say those words and mean it..
it was a fun day..iam usually ready to start working about this time and this summer is no different..well it is because i am focused on this weight this will be a challenge for i know i can handle..
my whole day has been working pretty much ..i didnt get to walk like i normally do but i will tomorrow..i get tomorrow off and i think i need it..but actually we are closed on sundays which is nice..

i ended up with 1500 calories because of the stuff i ate afterwards..i was hungry but not 800 calories hungry..iam learning and this is like i said a challenge for me..
i hope you all have a great sunday..i better get into bed if i am going to make it to goodnight all


  1. Hey kelli,
    Maybe you could pack a lunch next time in a small know. I love ham sandwiches on my sandwich thin buns. You could even have two or three slices of real cheese on one...all told about 260 calories. I also eat granola bars, they are called cascadia farm organic flax seed oat bars (which probably sounds about as appetizing as donkey dung, right?)
    Well, that is what I thought...I have always HATED granola bars...the crunchy kind.
    Well, one day after working out with a workout partner..she breaks one out and offers me one.
    I'm all like "sure'...(thinking I can always spit it out into the nearest potted palm)
    Well I take a bite and lo and was good.
    It has all spice and cinnamon.
    It's really good. I eat one a day now. It's about 190 calories for the packet and there is two in a pack. They keep me full..FULL...for two or three hours if I drink them with a cup or two of water...It is great for fatty acids and fiber as well..and it tastes like a cookie.
    I swear I don't work for the company. lol
    Great job on saying no to mcdonalds.
    Have a great night.

  2. Fantastic on saying "NO" to fast food. It is so difficult when we have fallen into those traps many times in years past. Learning new ways is essential and you are on your way!!!

    Margie M. writes at:

  3. Wow...such willpower...I love me a good snow cone too! You are totally on task Kelli!

  4. Greg says he has some very found memories of "Uncle Bob". I have heard them and they crack me up!
    I am also loosing weight. Need to loose weight. Mine is kinda forced since I am having a problem with my stomach and cannot eat. But, I am getting my nutrition through certain bars and keeping my calories down to about 600-1000 a day. I am disabled, so I don't need them.
    Do you have low calorie Sno-cones?? I have not had one in.....decades!!! Good luck. I will keep an eye out and try to keep up with your success as well as mine!

  5. Do you have a way for me to sign up for a subscription to your new posts?? I would love to get a new post in my email when you write one. It would be fun.

  6. oh, and left you something on my blog...wanted to see what you'd do with it.