Friday, May 14, 2010

a better weight and wow i caught some kind of flu bug..

these were such cool pics of the cats..oreo was the one looking at me..he is such a cat who needs the attention..tux is the old one who thinks he has to guard me, and then the bird was eating out of the cat dishes..he wasnt even scared...the other picture is my mom and my wendys of course..and me walking tonight..its cold but the sun did shine for a minute..i caught it when it did..

i didnt blog last night, because i was sick..i didnt wake up sick but i got sick during the was a typical rainy day for us all..i havent got to work hardly at all this week because of the weather..and were looking for more this weekend..but we went ahead and went to wendys and my aunt went with us..aunt connie is my moms baby sister and one of the last aunts we have left..she grew up with my older sisters and so they feel like sisters instead of aunt and sean and i do..well it was a really nice visit and we went riding around and looked at the ducks again..we always enjoy going to theta pond and seeing the ducks..but after we came home last night, i went and layed down on my mommas bed and stretched out..sure felt good..i dont sleep in a bed because of the sleep apnea i have ..i have a chair but now the chair has broken and it goes downward and so it isnt very good for my i lay on my moms bed awhile now..i fell asleep and didnt wake up for an hour and a half..but when i did it was getting dark and i wasnt feeling good then..i was freezing and couldnt stop chillin..i got nautious and my head was hurting and i just couldnt stand it..i hadnt felt this bad for a long time..

so i went back to my chair this time..i hadnt walked but i was so weak i couldnt walk a block much less a i fell asleep fast and didnt wake up til the middle of the night, and even then i went back to sleep pretty quickly..i was sick..

well i woke up this morning and i didnt feel as least i wasnt freezing still chillin but not freezing..i have lived in the bathroom all day and thats something i hate never know when its going to happen and we of course went to wendys again..we live at we like them and they all like us there..they actually know our order so well that sometimes they have it ready when we walk in the door...then we change it on them..hehe but not lately we have two grilled chicken go wraps and a diet sister and i do the same order..that is 500 calories and for breakfast we usually have a protien bar at 200 by the 5pm we have had at least 700 calories if we hadnt eatin something with the bar...then after wendys we drive thru braums and get the smll yogurt cone and see this was one of my mistakes i was getting the ice cream and calling it 220 when its the yogurt thats 220 i should have added another 150 calories to be right..but before we went anywhere i went to the health center and weighed again just to see what it would say since i had been doing better lately..and guess what i lost 3 pounds

whoohoo..3 pounds closer to 300 ..the real 300..i am not sure i hit 300 before because of the wraps..i never could tell very good what the real weight was when i was wrapped up..but now i am back to just being me and it said 306..i was pleased...
i came home tonight and the skies look nicer rain today just 54 degrees..but it feels really i thought okay i am still weak, but maybe the walking will help i went out and walked a mile..i wasnt even tired so now i think its time to up it to a mile and a half to walk next week..i am still weak even now but i will be better soon i imagine..hope you all enjoy your friday night..


  1. Cat pictures!!! I love cat photos! Thank you for sharing! :-)

    And congrats on the three pound loss! That's wonderful and you should be proud of yourself! Keep it up, and keep walking!


  2. Wow...I'm so sorry for your illness...I hope you get better really soon.

    3 pounds is freaking great! Terrific two are right around the corner!

  3. yay! you are doing awesome!!!! You are SO CLOSE to 300!! You are gonna make it! Congrats!

  4. I love cat photos too...and boy howdy that stomach flu must be goin around.
    I got it a few days ago....bleck.
    Hope you feel better.
    And Great are soooo close to twoterville. Keep up the great work Kelli!

  5. Great loss Kelli!

    I hope you are feeling better soon.