Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i walked even after i worked..what was i thinking..?

from this to this..quite a difference isnt it..a couple of years ago i had black hair and weighed 356 pounds and was miserable and couldnt walk across the street..in fact i had a cane i walked with..now i can feel good walking without the cane and i walk 2 to 3 miles a day..when my legs are back to normal..and now i weigh 300 pounds and look totally different...feel it too..

wow iam sore..im so tired..i should be in bed right now..this post is for monday the 3rd..i know it says the 4th but i cant get it to fix that way..can u tell im tired..lol
i worked tonight, and really i didnt do a whole lot of business but its the getting up and down and cleaning and helping customers ..and i was already tired..my brothers car broke down this morning so we are down to one car again..and iam doing alot of the driving..im wore out..my feet hurt..

but even after i got home, i thought okay i need to walk..i dont want to get into the routine of not walking just because i am working, because i will be working 6 nights a week..so i went out and walked after dark..10pm and iam walking..i did almost a mile..i was so tired i couldnt get the last lap..so tomorrow will be better..i did good though..i did really well on not looking at snocones and eating like 1300 all day..and considering the day was a real monday for me with getting up late and stumbling around and hit my toe and the car braking down..it was a real monday all day..but i still walked..and i will walk again tomorrow..iam trying to figure a better time to walk..

iam starting to see changes in my face and my hips..iam so glad..i can now sit in chairs that have armrest and we all know how that feels..not good to be too big for those..i cant wait to see how i fit into the kiddie desks at the college in the fall..i think they must think we are all 3rd graders and weigh 90 pounds..they have desks that connect to the chairs and if you happen to weigh a few pounds more than you should, you will not be able to fit..at least not without taking the chair with you which happened to me....so embarrassing...

but it will be fun to see all the changes i am getting ready to make in this journey..i know by fall i will be down a few more pounds..dont know how many but i know i will be down..
well i better get to bed now so i can get up early...have a good night...


    That is key, not letting anything get in your way of your walk. It's your iron curtian.
    That is awesome.
    Feel better.
    I bet your down 20 or so more pounds by the fall.
    YOu are doing so well.
    I am impressed.
    Keep up the great work

  2. I admire you commitment to the walking... with the wraps... after working... in the rain or cold... you go girl!!

    I agree with Chris.. you will definitely be down mucho more pounds by fall!

  3. Hey, what determination (something I lack quite a lot!) How I admire you going for a walk late even though you had a gruelling day! Well done.

    I was just contemplating doing things other than walking, but the sun is shining and I have no excuse not to use my legs. You have inspired me to turn my computer off and to go out and walk. Thank you, and good luck with the weight-loss. You have a great attitude :)

  4. Your commitment and determination is inspiring! You are doing so wonderful, keep it up!

  5. I love your determination! You rock!

    You have an award over on my blog... (www.skinnyhollie.com).

    Love ya!

  6. What were you thinking? You were thinking that I'm a fierce woman who is committed to getting fit and healthy...you go Kelli!