Tuesday, May 4, 2010

another great day..not a monday!

these are two more of my blog awards..they are really nice to get..i will do them soon..

well today has certainly been better than monday was...i didnt stumble and nothing broke down..it was a tuesday..a good day..thank you all for all the nice comments..i am overwhelmed by all the people who are truly interested in what my life is about day to day..i had a good day..i got the therapy done and got all the things done we have to do..on a daily basis..and i went to work..my day is consisting of working this summer and i am very glad it is..i have had a year of no work and very hard times to get through so it is nice to be able to pay my bills on time for a change..

i went out and tried to walk around my stand tonight..i thought well if i dont have customers for a while then i could get my walk in..i got 20 minutes in and it wasnt bad..i just walk back and forth in front of the stand and people see me on the main roads..but i dont care at least they see me doing something..i got up a sweat tonight, and when i had went inside i was tired..

my sister and i are going to go out and walk around here now..its late but with both of us together we will be okay..and this is a quite neighborhood..so noone is going to bother us..i think we will only be doing a mile anyway...wont take us long..
i get my hose on friday and i am so excited to get out of these..it will feel nice to be able to look normal again..

i have been doing so well with my calories now..i dont even think of the snocones now..i just know it is sugar and that i dont want sugar..i surprised myself today..the people at wendys gave me the wrong drink ..it was dr.pepper and normally i would say okay i will drink it..but today i said no i will have them pour it out and give me dt.coke..hehe can you believe it ..i turned it down and for dt.coke something i really dont like..im getting so focused i know this is going to happen now..its amazing really amazing..

well i will do the blog awards requirements this week..i need some time to figure it out on what i am going to do with it..hehe but i do appreciate the blog awards i am receiving lately..hope you all have a good night..


  1. Hey Kelli, great job all the way around. And the blog awards are well deserved. You are doing so well...as for diet coke, well I didn't used to like it, now it's my night time 'treat'.
    Our neighborhood is quiet too. It's good to feel safe enough to get your workout in, even at night.
    Have a good one.

  2. You're doing so well!!!! Keep it up :)

  3. "im getting so focused i know this is going to happen now..its amazing really amazing.."

    See, you have inspired me again! Thank you! Well done. I need that focus too. I am working on not giving up so easily and I think I am getting there, slowly! You are working so hard and doing so well. Brilliant :)