Monday, May 24, 2010

i almost lost it..whew !

hope for a better tomorrow..a brighter future ahead of us..!

well this has been a sure my fb friends thinks so too..they have been my support through this whole day and iam so thankful for them..well this day started at 730 this morning and is just now ending and it is 1230 am the next so iam tired.

but today i took my brother to work, then i came home and got my sister and took her to get her hair done, then mom and i went to let me weigh..i wanted to see what i was going to be starting at for this challenge of getting down below 300 by my birthday!

okay i went into this place thinking i would be 305 i came out seeing 313 on the scales..that scale was not telling me the truth..even though i know its a digital scale and they dont lie..but something is wrong here..i have weighed twice now in two weeks and both times i have gone up on the weight..this isnt cant be..i walk every night, i keep calories below 1400 and i am drinking my water..something is the scales i have gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks..i couldnt have..

this made me upset..depressed and i turned to my friends on fb..these are people i went to school with and they know me really well..i know i am probably building muscle..i must be i felt it tonight..but i got things done and then i went to work..before i got there..i got a drink but i saw the m and m's ..oh my i lost it..i bought them..i hadnt bought any in a long time..i saw it and i bought confidence was down..i wanted was my friend..i thought but it wasnt..for a few minutes i let myself believe it was okay to get a big package and eat it..i almost got the big package of hot tamoles..600 calories worth..

but i got it and i went to work..okay i opened it and then i told my friends..i said help me..i have chocolate..they said throw it away..! dont eat it..everyone kept telling me and so i took 2 bites and got sick..i actually got sick..can you believe that..m and m's my favorite candy and i didnt like it thankful that i didnt..i put the rest back in the package and i gave it to my friend who was coming in later..she is she liked it..the snocones dont even bother me, and now the candy dont either..iam so glad..

we sat at wendys tonight cause i had to work til 630 and past so we didnt get out til we all are tired in my family..everyone is in bed now but we came back home and it was 10 pm already..normally we have our walk done before this..i layed down on the bed and stretched out and almost didnt walk..but i said to myself you have need to do have to move even though i had a busy day and was completely exhausted already..but i went out and walked the ramp..i ended up doing a mile in 30 minutes.i cant get off the 30 minutes yet..i guess because i was tired i just couldnt move..but now i am getting the rest of the water in...i have had 5 glasses of water and have done a mile and had 1365 in calories including the two bites of the not to shabby of a day to end glad it ended like this instead of iam going to bed..have a good night all


  1. It will go kelli. Just hang in there..are you sure it isn't water retention in your legs again? Are the hose working?
    hugs and feel better.

  2. well the hose work on the bottom of my legs but the top part seems to be getting bigger..i guess its because i fold down the hose to keep them from sliding down all the i dont know..i just know i shouldnt be gaining 8 pounds..

  3. I bet it is water retention. When you first start exercising, your muscles will retain the water. Keep doing what you're doing, don't give up, and the weight will come off.

    Try to eat very healthy food (whole fruits, veggies, lean meats) and cut the sodium for awhile. Fast foods and processed foods have a lot of sodium. Read your labels closely.

  4. I'm glad you pulled yourself together and ended the day in victory!

  5. Do your stockings have the little silicone dots on the inside of the top of the band?? Mine do, and it keeps them from sliding down.

    Before that, I had to use that product they sell that you dot on your skin at the top where the stocking band goes, and it makes the skin slightly sticky enough to keep them up. It comes in a little roll-on bottle, kind of like a roll-on deodorant bottle. It's water soluble, so just washes off easily. Maybe they already told you all this... in that case, ignore me, LOL!