Sunday, May 23, 2010

fibromyalgia is no fun!

this is brooks and dunn tonight and my shots 2 years ago and now..

well i thought i was getting up to go to church this morning..i hate to miss and try not too, but today just couldnt be helped..i got up and couldnt move very well..i was in so much pain that i just couldnt do it..i have fibromyalgia and arthritis ..oh so fun..i usually can take some pain pills and be okay..but today i couldnt do it..i hurt all day long..and the pain just never would let surprised im able to do this tonight..i have had these two illnesses for along time and usually can get through it without hurting so much that i whine about it..but today was a whiny day for me on this.

i had the day off today and was glad i did..i like to have sundays off ..but i hurt all day..what a fun day well it wasnt bad ..we went to wendys of course and the were so busy..i saw a guy there that used to work there, and he noticed right off how i was losing weight..that was nice..i said thanks and yes i am...people are actually noticing and that feels friend last week noticed how i was getting smaller too and that was a real nice thing..

we came home and watched the last concert special of brooks and dunn..i loved brooks and dunn..they have been my favorite country duo until sugarland came about, now they are..but my sister and i got to go to see them in concert one time a few years ago and that was cool..we went and met my cousin deb and her mom aunt violet..and that was fun seeing them with both of them..of course i went crazy with my camera but didnt have as good a camera as i do now..

so after the show was over it was 9pm and was dark..but i didnt let that stop me ..i went and walked anyway..i thought i could do a 2 mile walk in 35 minutes again..but no luck..i dont know what happened i couldnt do anything but a mile in 30 minutes..i couldnt believe it..i was walking just as fast and was certainly getting up a sweat..but didnt make it..maybe it was a fluke the other night..i dont know..

but i did do the mile and i stayed at 1350 in calories..just ate some empty calories just now to get to 1350..ate a couple of cookies..50 calories a piece..i usually dont but i thought okay i need something..i have to go back to work tomorrow and get up early in the a few things to do in the iam making it out of bed really early...i am going to weigh in the morning to see what i do weigh and whatever it is iam going by it..i want to lose down to 295 by my may be too much to hope for but i have one month and 3 birthday is june 26th and i will be 42 years old..and i would like to be under 300 by you all have to help me get there..keep telling me i have to do this ..just keep getting me if i try to slide off..i have to walk more and drink water everyday..i thought about it today but didnt do it..and its one of the key factors..i know it i have to do it..

hope you all have a wonderful monday...!


  1. Yes, you will do it Kelli. I know you can. It's more than a month away and seven pounds is very doable. Especially with your calorie intake.
    I would just focus on the walking..getting your mileage in and keeping it at two while you work on getting your time down. I wouldn't even take a watch, I would just do the walk the way you feel you should...the time will sort itself out.

  2. You probably weren't able to do it as quickly because you hurt all day. :(

    I walk a 24 minute mile. If I try to walk faster, my legs REALLY hurt and I feel like quitting.

    I'm sorry you have to live with such a painful disease. My best friend has fibro (I'm not even going to try to spell it). It looks like you are handling yours well. Good job!

    P.S. I can tell a major difference in the pics! yay!

  3. Sweet Kelli,
    I too have fibromyalgia and guess what!? Sunday was an absolutely horrible day for me as well. Kind of weird huh that we both would have such a bad day at the same time. Maybe it is the weather around her. I know that here it was very humid, didn't actually rain but liked it was going to any moment.

    I thought that maybe I was hurting so much due to my run on Friday. I was hurting on Saturday too. I know that I need to strengthen my core muscles more so that when I run I my lower back and hips do not take as much impact.

    I have been feeling so much better the last few weeks that I have not had to take my pain pills as often. I was really upset that this weekend I found myself hurting so bad that I had to break down and take them again. I even took a muscle relaxer on Sunday and I try hard not to take them because they make me so darn tired and it the fatigue they bring on lasts for a day or 2!

    I competed yesterday in the Anti-Jared's 5K Challenge. If it had not been for that I would have quit my walk after I completed one trip around the trail (1.5 miles). I was so tired just from that but I did push on.

    Kelli, you can do this. You can keep it up and you can reach your goal of being under 300 by your birthday. I have faith in you and I just know if you focus and really commit yourself that you will be successful.

    Drink your water, move your feet, and watch what you eat! You know what you have to do. :)

    Rock it, live it, own it!

  4. I'm so sorry you're hurting sis! Great job staying focused despite everything. You're doing wonderful Kelli...keep it up and those "wow" reactions will just keep getting bigger and better.

    Love you

  5. Kelli - You have set a goal.

    So do three things:
    1. Keep counting your calories.
    2. Drink your water - this is important and so, so, easy to do.
    3. Walk every day.

    You can do it!

  6. Keep on drinking and keep on moving Kelli! You will get there!

  7. I gained a huge amount of weight when I started getting sick over 3 years ago. Now I am determined to loose it, no matter how painful it is. I am with ya!! I have not had the energy or motivation to write any posts on my blog, but, maybe I will start my journey through this on my blog also. I think it would help motivate me a little more!