Friday, May 7, 2010

a day that feels like freedom..what a nice feeling..

well here are my new hose, they look like socks dont they..they sure dont feel like and i get to wear my shoes now..and i saw this truck tonight and thought yep there is my favorite chip in the whole world..and me tonight being bored again..hehe

today was going to start out as any other day..i was going to get rewrapped and go home and do all the things i have to do. and actually i almost didnt go get wrapped because i didnt feel good..but i am sure glad i did..i went outside and wow i saw a package laying on the porch..not a big package mind you..but a small one just big enough to fit a pair of hose in...and guess what..thats what was in hose came and now i am in my hose and not having to wrap myself anymore..oh freedom never felt so good..

i went to the therapy session and she taught me how to put the hose on, and then she said i did better than she did..amazing..i thought how cool, maybe i can get this after all..but wow it is hard..and it hurts oh it hurts..if you dont get it the right way it digs into you and hurts the ankle..but i got it up and that was good..i tried it again and was able to do i was so glad..but then i realized i didnt have my shoes or socks with me..all i had was these flip flops and i dont like flip flops..i never have and i still was hard enough to drive in them when my feet were the right size for them but now they are so much bigger than my feet, that they just come off, and can you see me driving in

so i said wow i get to go home and get my wonderful..i cant wait to walk..
i have been walking in them all day and it feels really feels like freedom.i didnt know how much it would affect me but it legs are slimmer and i feel so much better..iam so glad there is someone in this town that knows what she is doing when it comes to this problem..she told me its not just the weight issue with this problem..its mainly cancer patients ..because the lymphatic system is destroyed when the chemotherapy is there then the lymphadema starts in..i got mine because of a staff infection i had in my legs..thats how it began..

i tried to walk this evening in the stand, but that didnt work out too well..and i was going to walk tonight, but i went and saw a friend of mine instead and visited with him..i enjoy his company and i think he enjoys mine as well..but i have been watching my calories and i dont eat the snocones now ..which is something to me..i used to eat two or three a i dont even think about it...

but i tellya being able to drive again the normal way is a gift all by i had the hardest time trying to learn how to drive with the legs wrapped the past 4 weeks..but it sure feels good to look normal.. i am trying to get myself in better health and maybe thats why i dont have any kind of relationship with anyone right now..maybe i am supposed to get me in order first.and then it will be the right time for who ever..talking to my friend tonight, i still feel all the feelings i used to have with him, and i dont know if he feels the same, he never wants to discuss it anymore..were not a couple and he doesnt want to talk about we dont..but its nice to be friends ..i like that..

well another day starts in a few hours and i get to learn how to do these hose again..i hope you all have a wonderful friday..its 1 am here i guess i am going to get into bed and hopefully get to sleep..


  1. wonderful! What a good day Kelli.
    Enjoy your freedom.

  2. So happy for you getting those compression hose. That's so much better than wrapping! And very good on the sno-cone will power...You know that they are pure sugar---great choice Kelli.

    Keep on keeping on---Never give up!

    You're doing great Kelli!
    Love ya sis,

  3. You're doing wonderful, Kelli! You know what they say, you always find someone when you stop looking. (I did!) Focus on you right now and I bet someone shows up in your life when you least expect it!

  4. 1am? Get some sleep girl! Freedom is the gives you freedom. Its great that you recognize, though, that you are always winning back freedom a little at at time. You don't have to wait until you are at your goal to get it back. Keep it going Kelli!

  5. Glad your legs are getting better! I'm sure the hose will be so much nicer.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I don't know if you use one of these or not, but I have a Jobst Stocking Donner that makes it a lot easier to get the stockings on. They look like this:

    Using this makes it less painful and easier to get them on. In time, as you lose wt and exercise, perhaps the swelling will continue to decrease... mine did. :-) And then there is less pain and tenderness when you put the stockings on.

    You are doing so well! We're going to have to call you Ex-snoconegirl ... ha ha ha