Saturday, May 8, 2010

walking in the hose is a blast..

this is me with no makeup on..just lipstick!

i will put the video on later..firefox keeps crashing..

i went to therapy again this morning, not knowing just what we were going to do...after all i wasnt being wrapped was fun.i will miss talking with my therapists..she is really nice and someone i know i can get along with..i may have to go by there sometime just to say hello..i have one more time next week so i may get some pics then of me with her..iam doing well with the hose and it is really making a difference with my legs..i can walk better and even faster now..

i went to work this evening thinking i would get a crowd, after all its friday and the kids are getting out of school..i had a total of 3 customers on my shift..i couldnt believe was so disappointing..but i made it work for me..i went out when the weather started changing and it was cooler and i walked..i took my pedometer this evening and wore it, and it said i walked a mile and a half in 30 minutes..i was so excited..i was breaking my record and it was due to these hose..i was walking and i wasnt even tired..i just kept walking to see how long it would be before i got a customer..but we never did so i got closed up and went was cold and no one was thinking of snocones..i did however have some pain in my heart while i was walking fact i have had it for 3 nights now..the first night it lasted for 30 minutes and last night not too much..but tonight it was while i was walking and it lasted 10 minutes..its a heavy pressure in my heart..and i dont know how to deal with it right now..but iam watching it..i made a video on here to show you me walking tonight..i was bored and i am sure you can tell that..hehe

i took a few pictures of me today and i didnt have any makeup on just the lipstick and i actually looked okay..i usually dont like myself without makeup but now iam starting to look at myself a little different..i dont look so bad..we took our mom to the doctor today and she turned out was just a check up and he said he didnt want to see her again for 4 months..and he was very pleased to see me in the hose..this has been a long time coming and i am so glad it came..its a whole change of life..i think my life is just beginning to change for the better..and i think its about time i did ..

we watched a western tonight that reminded me of my friend and i was called the wild and the innocent..can you guess which one but sandra dee was the innocent and audie murphy was the wild was really good, and one we hadnt seen before which is really defenitely reminded me of how my friend always is ..and how i end up was cute..the brown eyes always gets the

iam a night owl if you havent already figured it out..i get up in the morning but iam never awake til just isnt in me to be awake at 7am..i was born at 506 pm and so i can get used to anything but iam a night person..when i went to work tonight, i had only had 1120 calories and didnt even touch a snocone..iam getting so used to not touching the snocones that i dont think i will even be bothered now..but when i went home i was starving and had to eat i ended up with i think about 400 calories i had a total of 1500 calories today..i guess its not too bad..but i cant seem to lose the pounds..i know i am losing the inches because i can sit in the chairs different places..we went to the doctors today and i was able to get into the chair without hurting my sides..i couldnt believe it..i had never done that before..i know i will be able to fit into the chairs in the fall..isnt that just a cool feeling..well i will wait to do my photoshow and my most embarrassing moment..i will do that tomorrow..i need to find the pictures..i want to put a bunch of pictures together with the music of my years and show you who iam..its one of the rules for the blog awards..but i think it will be fun..

i better go to bed though..its later now than it was last least i dont have to get up at 7am in the have a great mothers day..


  1. Hey Kelli, Go see a doctor about heaviness in your chest...It's important. If for no other reason than to clear you.
    Great job on your walking. It's fun to be able to sit in chairs you had a hard time sitting in before.
    That is how the walking went for me too, at first just a mile and then more and more.
    You are doing so well...When I first started at 262 I ate 1800 calories a day.
    The weight will go. Keep up the good work.

  2. thanks chris..iam trying my hardest..sometimes it does get somewhat discouraging when the scales never move anymore..but i know it will come off someday..happy mothers day..

  3. Very very cool on the inches...after all when people look at you, do they see the pounds or the inches? I vote for inches!

  4. Hiya, Kelli
    I'm new here!
    I like the hose.
    Can't wait to watch your progress!