Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i was late, late for a very important

actually it wasnt a date but it was my therapy date..i got up early this morning and took my brother to work, then i went home and thought okay i will sit here for a few minutes and then i will get up and get ready..i was tired..boy was i tired..i fell asleep and didnt wake up til my sister came in and said they called and said you were was 1030 and i was supposed to be there at guess who jumped up without being awake..hehe yes you guessed it..i made it in a just a few minutes and it was clear across town..but i am glad i went..i got in there and got rewrapped..i always hate it if i have to live in these things for 2 days straight..

but as i was about to leave, she asked me if i wanted to lay down for 30 minutes and they would wake me was therapy getting my legs up ..i said sure i would...i needed it for some reason..i had been tired all day..and i nearly fell asleep then..just then they woke me

so i went home and we went and did errands..its always errands at the beginning of the month..and then i went to work this wasnt the busiest tonight but it was busy enough to keep me inside instead of walking like i wanted too..every time i would get ready to go outside, more people would come..and iam glad of shows they know where we i thought okay i will walk tonight at home..but i got home and it was just too late and too sister already had her walk and so i didnt walk today..i ended up with 1500 calories but i am doing good by not eating any snocones..sometimes that is a hard thing to mind keeps telling me go ahead and get one..its alright..its only ice..but i just tell it to shut up..its only ice..i dont think so..its only well i feel okay today..trying to not get so down all the time and keeping my spirits up..

tomorrow i will walk even if i have to walk at night..i sure hope you all have a good night..i am going to try too..


  1. You are doing fab kelli, sound like you need some rest.
    Well, hope you can get your walk in tomorrow.
    Soon you get your hose, and that will help a ton. Bet you will feel a ton lighter and walking will be easier..
    Have a great night.

  2. Standing on your feet is a calorie burner are up and still making good food are still doing great things for yourself each day.