Friday, May 21, 2010

well not the day it was yesterday..

this was the nicest day yet for this wasnt too hot and not a bit cold..and no rain ..whoohoo no tornadoes..that was nice..we finally got to open up the stand and work the whole shift..i even made a few tips fun was that..we had a good day today and i felt good as well..i really had a good day..i went to work and got some least for this stand..and then i came home and got my family and did the things we do all the time..we went to charlies chicken tonight instead of going to was meatloaf night..and so we had the meatloaf..but we counted every calorie..

i had 1400 calories tonight and walked a mile..that was hard to do tonight for some reason..i dont know why but it was..i think i was already tired from walking around at the stand..anyway it was late and so we just did a mile..i need to step it up more though...cause i cant seem to get this weight just isnt coming off for some reason..and i dont know why..i still weigh the same ..i know i havent been good about drinking the water and i do need to be doing that..

i went and visited with my friend tonight, and he gave me a different kind of is a diet pop made with stevia..its called zevia..and it has zero calories and zero carbs..and no sodium..its great and it tastes great too..i took a picture of the can so you can recognize it if you find it in the store..around here there is only two places you get it we are hoping more people want to buy it so it will go into the stores..he got it at a drug is a little higher than your normal can of pop is 1.20 a can or 6.00 for a 6 is a picture of comes in a lot of flavors..

we talked a while and he is trying to get into better health too..and iam so glad he is..i want to see him live a long time and he is diabetic, so he has to take better care for himself to do that..we seem to be getting along so much better than before and it feels nice..but it has been a is a picture i took of the clouds this much prettier than yesterday..have a good night everyone ..its friday!


  1. A lot of us have had to do some trial and error, tweaking our plan now and again to find just what works for each of us. You'll get there! Sean is a great resource for that sort of thing, too, as you already know. :-)

    Oh, and Zevia is yummy! I don't buy it too often... too expensive. ;-) I usually get Hansens Diet soda pop. It's not as natural as Zevia, it's sweetened with Splenda. But I don't have too much. In the summer, never over 1 per day. Less in cooler weather. Maybe in time, the price will come down on Zevia. One can hope. :-D

  2. you will get there.
    My path has been BUMPYBUMPY at times and the only thing many days that kept me going was holding on by my fingertips and KNOWING that better days were ahead.

    here's to TODAY being a "better" one for all of us.


  3. Hi Kelli,
    So glad that you had a better than yesterday. I just read your post from the tornado and saw the pics as well. I live right on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, at the Red River and we get tornadoes here too. Last year at this time I was living in Sallisaw, OK and there was a really bad one that just barely missed us!

    You are doing so good but I know it is frustrating. I was just thinking today how far I still have to go and it can start to get you down but you must celebrate how far you have come. You are on the right track and will get there if you keep doing what you are doing.

    I think your walking is wonderful. A mile is nothing to be ashamed of. Some days you do more and some you might do less, that is life. The important thing to remember is that you are DOING IT at all.

    Your blog has quickly become one of my very favorite. I just love the way you write and your positive attitude.

    Rock it, live it, own it!

  4. I just wanted to say I <3 your blog. ;)

    Keep goin' strong, lady!

  5. Water is key! you need to drink water for your body to get rid of excess water. Just think of yourself as a huge bunch of filters for example liver, intestines, kidneys these things are filters so I try to make sure they have enough water flushed through them each day to keep my filters clean :)

    The walking may feel better after you flush your system some. Keeping moving at your stand is great... standing still probably not so much.

    You look Happy and healthy.

  6. While unfair, not everyone responds to the same set of stimuli the exact same way. However, if you continue to eat less and move more, you will eventually get there. That is the scientific fact.

    Your strength to keep going in the face of this is what will matter most. This is God's fact.

  7. You may not ALWAYS feel like walking, but those are days you get through by not making it optional. NO options and no did great.
    Love it when the clouds are low and puffy like that.