Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a better day mentally!

here iam drinking my water all day..ya want some? well water yum!

well i can honestly say this has been a good day mentally for me..i got up kinda late..i woke up early but i fell back to sleep and then when i woke up again it was noon..yes noon..i go to work at 2pm and i didnt have anything to do today so my brother took the car..so noon it was..well i woke up and drank some water..i have this 20 ounce bottle and i fill it with water everytime i want some water..so i drank some then..of course i still hadnt finished it by the time i went to work..but i took it with me..i ate some grilled chicken at noon, and early this morning like 7am i ate a protein bar..so there were 310 calories but then i had to go to work and work for 5 hours with nothing to eat..i took my mom and sister to wendys to sit there til my brother got off of work and then he walked to my job to get my car..right now we are down to one car so we have to share it for the time being..

he got a good walk in too..it was 90 degrees and he walked a mile to my job..he is trying to watch his weight too..he lost 100 pounds one time a long time ago and kept it off for a long time..now he is getting older and putting some back on..so we dont want that to happen..

when i was at work..i decided no pop..no diet pop and nothing that may have sodium or carbonation in it..so i had water..just plain ordinary water..all day..i drank 52 ounces of water all day and it didnt even phase me..i liked it..it was good..i normally dont like water but today i said in my own mind something was going to change..and i think it did..and you know those chocolate candy's i had bought yesterday and given them to my friend to eat..well she ate some i think, but she left them there on the counter ..in plain sight for me to see..i looked at em all day and it didnt bother me a bit..so i know something changed..my mentality is stronger, and i am so ready to be fit and healthy..i dont have to be stick thin..just fit and healthy..i know iam getting there already..

i did have the yogurt cone tonight just 220 calories and had a grilled chicken go wrap from wendys just one and a piece of grilled chicken we had bought at walmart..so my dinner was 600 calories including the yogurt..so altogether i had 910 calories and i know that isnt a lot but i am trying to see if i can lose something without going to 12 or 1300..

i watched the biggest loser finale and that is the best show..i am so in awe of these people, and i feel so much for them because i am them..i feel it too when michael had his breakdown and seeing ashley fall off the treadmill..that just killed me..i was so happy to see michael win tonight.he is so sincere..i am going to be the biggest loser for stillwater, oklahoma..i just know it..

i got my walk in tonight and i beat my time by 5 minutes..i was so happy..i made a mile and a half in 40 minutes tonight..i walked even in the dark..around here its so quiet and everyone knows what we are doing..they dont bother us unless its to say how proud of us they are..we have others walking now around here..its kind of a walking club now..lol

i am so humbled by my friends who say they are inspired by me..i try to be a good example of someone who is just struggling through to get to the other side..the thin side..the healthy side..the side i havent seen before and i hope i will keep seeing for years to come..i dont think i want to go back to the heavy side..lol i like the person i was, and the person iam..iam not conceited in any way but iam excited and i think that sometimes it comes out as conceit to people..i like myself and now iam learning to love myself..i think this is one of the true facts we have to learn in life is to love ourselves..if we dont how do we expect others to love us..something simple but its hard to do sometimes..

well i guess i better get some sleep tonight..i have to get up early again..have a good night..


  1. the best thing that happened to me is when people started looking to me to be strong. It gives me motivation daily...Keep up the good work kelli.

  2. You should definitely be eating at least 1200 calories a day(no woman should go below this number). I would say more due to your current weight. Otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and you will stop losing. Additionally, you cannot be getting all the nutritional items you need on that low of a calorie count. I'm doing sparkpeople.com, which works on healthy weight loss (1-2 pounds a week) through lifestyle change. If you check it out, you can find me at amandaea129

  3. Your doing great :) Keep up the good work!

  4. You are awesome, you are doing a fabulous job.

  5. Congrats on not giving into temptation! :) However, as Amanda said, you definitely shouldn't go below 1200. Sure, it'll peel some weight off initially ... but you'll stall out and have to eat more. Try staggering every couple weeks to avoid a plateau - 1300 for a few weeks, 1200 for a few weeks, 1350 for a few weeks, etc. :)

    Good luck!! You're doing awesome with the water!! I go in phases... hehe, right now, I'm not feelin' the plain water, but some sugar-free Hawaiian Punch added to it is awesome!!!! <3

  6. I love water lately too! I ad a slice of lemon when it gets boring. pink lemonade crystal light is kinda nice too when i just can not stand anymore water also I make peppermint tea and ice it and that's kinda good even if bland for summer.

    One think I try to do each day is make sure I eat fresh fruits and veggies. apples bananas, oranges get thrown in my lunch sack every day as something quick I can take to work.