Monday, March 15, 2010

iam having fun!

i am having so much fun with this workout now..i am not only working out to feel good and get the weight off..but i am feeling good inside too..i am emotionally feeling good..this is definitely something i should have been doing all along ..but now iam doing it so no regrets just move seems to be good exercise for my cats too..i know they think i am crazy but they have probably seen me do sillier things..hehe..

my cats are something else...tux saw that i was going to do the crazy ramp thing again and he decided this time he wasn't going to walk up and down..he went to the end of the ramp and just sat there..he watched me from there and then once in a while he would act like he was walking with it was funny..sophie the only girl cat we have was new to this ramp walking and she wasn't sure herself what to think..she had always seen me walking around the place and thought that i was going to do that, so she started walking and then looked back and i was walking the ramp..but she did come back and sit and watch too..they are cute cats and we wouldn't know what to do without them...

my mom is doing better today..we took her to the doctor this afternoon and she seems to have a stomach virus..they said it was going around and she just needed to drink lots of fluids and get some she is feeling better..i put my ipod on this evening and as i was walking, i thought well i could do other exercises out here i started to use the ramp for my exercising..i had the music for it and it was good music to exercise know sometimes you just have to kick your feet around when you hear certain kinds of songs..i used to do mine to rocky..oh that was one of my favorite songs to get going by..i would pretend i was boxing and boy i would get a workout..i have really enjoyed exercises wasnt long enough for me but i will do more tomorrow..i want to do 2 sets of walking and exercies 45 minutes each that would burn some calories..

well i really enjoy putting down my thoughts and telling you all about my is such fun to learn about everyone and see how everyone is doing..i do appreciate everyone who reads my blog whether you comment or not..i hope i can be an inspiration to people as is a blessing to be able to help people when you can..i have stayed within my calorie range today too..i even saw the chocolate and passed it up because it wasn't in my calorie passing up candy bars..whew never thought that would happen..

i hope you all have a wonderful night..GOD BLESS YOU ALL..


  1. I just love how you are doing your thing! It is YOUR thing...that is key. It doesn't have to be what anyone else would do and what others may think is irrelevant too. Your cats sound like a riot...tux clearly figured out the path of least resistance...cats are too smart.

  2. I had to talk myself into bypassing some salami tonight because it was not in my calorie budget.
    Good job on the chocolate.
    I was thinking the best way to celebrate my birthday would be to try and run 3.5 miles...crazy huh. lol.
    skipping the cake this year.
    Thanks for the comment on my post.
    Oh, and sean's profile photo in your follower section.

  3. Thanks for joining me over at my blog. What a lovely surprise for me this evening.
    It's wonderful to find so many people supporting each other and cheering each other on. Can't wait to know you better!

  4. Staying on a calorie budget has taught me how to budget the calories better! It's a bummer to spend it all too soon, and then look longingly at something in the evening... and reach for water instead! Oh well, we are getting there, and that's a small price to pay. :-)

    I'm glad to hear you Mom is better... I've read on some other blogs about that stomach virus going around!


  5. Great job Kelli, absolutely! Great job on the walking Treating the calories like cash really forces us to manage them better throughout the day. Make sure to occasionally allow a little of that budget for some chocolate. You should never feel deprived with a well managed calorie budget.
    You're doing incredible. Keep it up!

    Very relieved to hear that it was just a stomach virus!!

    Love you

  6. Hi Kelli, thanks for stopping by and becoming a Follower. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your workouts. Keep it up and I hope you'll stop in again soon.

  7. Walking the ramp is a good idea!! Another great one is to turn up your IPOD and dance in your bedroom...dancing burns a lot of calories. So glad to hear your mom is on the mend!! And I just love your positive comes through in all of your posts...I need to be more like you, so keep inspiring me! :)