Monday, March 8, 2010

well my man george didnt make it..

well i had a good day today..i was so glad to feel better today..i guess i am just a but a good girl..hehe..but anyway i started out my day going to church and hearing a good sermon..we came home and i walked again as soon as i came home..but i didnt get to walk too much today..i walked for 20 minutes but my cat kept having troubles with the dogs around here and i ended up having to carry her half the so i was chasing dogs and holding cats and it just didnt work out..i didnt feel that well anyway..

this was just a lazy day..trying to get ready for the oscars tonight and wanting to hurry and get my snacks to enjoy them with..i knew i was going to have my m and m's..i wasnt watching it there...the oscars have always been my big party of the year and this year my main man george was up for the actor award..i wasnt going to miss it..

we went and seen my moms cousin alice and got the snacks and came home and got here just in time to start the was pretty good..i have seen better but it was funny..i hadnt seen any of the movies this year and so it wasnt all that exciting this always looks good though..i thought some of the makeup was not matching up with the skin tone and the dresses this year see i am a makeup artist as well so i look at these things alot more closely than most..but all in all everyone looked pretty..the dresses were too low cut for my tastes but they always are..

my uncle came over and watched it with us and i was hoping he would help us get the snacks out of the way..but he eyes are bigger than my stomache, and it is always like that..i buy more than i can eat..and i dont know why..i guess i wanted to enjoy the show and i thought maybe the food was part of the enjoyment..and so i overate..but tomorrow is another day and i am back to counting again..i get to get the shots in my knees again in the morning..i cant wait, cause the knees have been giving out on me lately and it really hurts when that happens..well all in all it was a good onto another glad..enjoy your monday and i will talk to you all tomorrow..GOD BLESS YOU ALL..kelli


  1. I hope you get the relief for your knees... I know what that is like.

    Old habits having to do with food can be tricky to navigate, huh. I'm glad you are back to counting, I've found that to be sooo helpful.


  2. Oh yea it is when its junk food…I shouldn't have bought so much but my brother is taking the excess to work with him so its not tempting anymore..

  3. Kelli,

    The Oscars party has been a tradition in our family for years, you know that. But there isn't a snack food worth allowing it to steal this away from you. This is too important. It doesn't mean you can't eat those things in small counted portions. Put the party behind you my dear sis.
    And think about your importance level. How high is it? It's too easy to say---oh, it's no big deal---tomorrow is another day. But that attitude leads to a very lax approach----and that leads to inconsistency---and inconsistency leads no where.
    I will not sugar coat my support for you. I will not say--- "oh, that's all right Kelli," when it clearly isn't.
    These old habits of ours are seriously ingrained and VERY tough to break.
    But Kelli---you must realize how important you are and how important this journey is to you. Your LIFE depends on your success. That doesn't have to scare you---Rather, you should rejoice in knowing that you have many wonderful times ahead of you---all thanks to your consistent approach, iron-clad decision, steel curtain zone---eye of the tiger baby!
    You deserve success. YOU are your toughest nemesis. I am MY toughest nemesis. We must learn to be friendly with ourselves---and not a villain to what we know isn't right.

    I love you sis,

  4. You're so blessed to have Sean as a family member to support you every step of the way!! I know he wants to see you succeed and enjoy the freedom that he has found.

    I'm glad your brother is getting the leftover snacks out of the house...that will help. And when you have a bad day, then get right back to counting those calories the very next're going to make it girl! :)