Saturday, March 27, 2010

my mommas birthday! and good choices..

well this day couldnt get any stressful as yesterday was..this day was as non stressful as it could be..we had the most fun momma turned 83 today and we enjoyed just being here with her..we were at home til the evening..and i washed her hair and set it and curled it for her..and then did her makeup and her nails were done we had fun..we watched andy griffith show...something g-rated to keep the day going well..and she always enjoys that show..

by 530 we were getting ready to go get the cake and go to the stockade..a buffet mind you..and so we got there and our cousin was saving our area for us..we had already reserved it but she got there and then we all sat down..her sister and brother that is left came with some of their family and so it was a nice little outing..sean didnt get to make it tonight..he will tomorrow..he had to work..but mom got to talk to all of her grandsons ..she has 4 but only 3 she talked to all 3 today..which was very nice..i sent her picture around to everyone on my phone list so the relatives could have a good picture of her on this day..she is 83..and one of the last of the relatives..

i went and got her food..only soft food for her now..she cant chew anymore so i make it up with all soft stuff..i went and got mine and i started out with a salad..i thought maybe if i do alot of salad i wont be so hungry for the rest..and i think i was right on this..when i had walked in to this place..i couldnt believe it ..they had everything i liked..and my old ways of thinking started to come back..but i did well..i said no iam not going to make bad is not going to defeat me..
and i went in and got my salad..a whole plate of it..and when i ate that i went back thru and got one plate of mostly veggies..i had green beans, and carrots, and broccoli, and some roast beef and a piece of ham..i had one roll and no seconds, no overeating, no stomachache..i did well..i was pleased..i did not over stuff..i defeated my i spent 10.00 for wouldnt be worth it to get my moneys worth, because i would be sick and gaining a pound..and then the food would defeat yes i did well..i was proud..
i took a bunch of pictures of everything i will post them..we are going tomorrow night to a pizza place..another buffet..sean and his daughter is coming i need to control it then too..i know i can..i did have a small piece of cake with the icing..but i did have the calories all in all it was a good was such a busy day..i havent been able to do my exercies which i feel bad about, but now it is so late i need to go to i will go for tonight..have a great sunday! control the choices..


  1. Great job on the food are doing so well...Keep it up.

  2. thank too..i was pleased..iam going to do it tomorrow too..have a good night! kelli

  3. What a nice day! Your love and tenderness for your Mom shines through your post.

    I used to have that same "get your money's worth" thinking at a buffet, too. Isn't it nice to let go of that, and know WE are worth more than the money?!
    Good job on the choices,

  4. Thats awesome! Buffets are still one of my ref light places. Honestly I haven't gone to one since starting Weight Watchers. And your right it is totally worth the weight loss! Congradulations to you mom. I am glas you had a wonderful time!

  5. Sorry I couldn't be there! Grandma looks wonderful!!!
    Great job on the buffet. One trip, good choices, that's it. Perfect. Feels good to be in control doesn't it?
    Now, about this pizza place for Sunday...uh, You know that place is a horrible calorie value. I'll go there if everyone is set. But if grandma can't eat the food anyway, then why would we want to go there? Why not go across the street from that place where they have awesome calorie value items?
    I have zero desire for a buffet--But I'll do it, and be fine---if everyone is dead set on it. Oh, just let me know...

    Love you

  6. There is nothing better than great company and good food! Looks like you had both.

  7. Wow are really conquering this stuff.

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to go to a buffet again. I have an unhealthy relationship with All You Can Eat formats...because I do.

    So proud of you!