Sunday, March 21, 2010

we only have today..

I am not sure about this is saturday and it snowed and snowed and is still snowing..I wanted to do my exercises outside, but it was way too cold for arms have been hurting all day..i think it could be the fibromyalgia and the arthritis, but it sure does hurt..i have been shaky all day..well i actually didnt do any exercises today and i dont feel good about body needs it every day and from now on it is going to get it too..its like a fix..i have to do it or i dont feel this is a good fix..hehe...

well i took pictures of the snow and made the dinner for us all ..we had mac. and cheese and mashed potatoes and green beans..with grilled chicken..i noticed this time i actually counted the calories and watched the portions..usually i just slap it on and go back for more..hehe but not serving of each is all i need..and now i have had my calories for the day..i think its great when i can have anything i want as long as i count the calories..thats cool..

we watched the basketball game brother is a big basketball fan and so it was what we had on here..but all in all it has been a good day..we stayed in all day and sometimes that just gets depressing but i didnt let it get me down today..i did well and i know i am going to be thinner this time next year..we just have today to work on..each day is a new day and we are only promised that day..that we need to make it the best minute of the day possible..i took these pictures today..enjoy the rest of the weekend..



  1. absolutely right.
    If you keep doing what you did today, day in and day will be thinner, and healthier next year....You will be AMAZED at how much progress you will make.
    You can do this.

  2. What Chris said.... ha ha ha..
    Really though, she is so right, and is a good example of it, too. You are doing so well, and it's cool that you MISS the exercise!

    I loved the pics, especially the one with kitty's back to the camera. Very atmospheric... beautiful. Makes you want to come closer and look... just the right hint of lighting, maybe moonlight or...

    Oh, and your new blog layout is nice... very open and fresh and friendly looking.


  3. thanks..i was trying to fix it from the shabbyblog button but i couldnt get it off without taking the whole layout i changed it..i like it..and yes my sister and i both wished we had been walking today..hehe and thanks..i love that picture was black and white and no was so cool..he was just watching it snow..and probably wishing it wouldnt..hehe have a good night all..

  4. Small changes makes such a big difference! Keep up the great work.