Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a cloudy day!

well this has been a cloudy day today..and somehow the clouds made my smile a little cloudy too..i am trying to keep my spirits up all the time, but lets get real here...there will be moments when i just dont feel like smiling, and today was one of those days at least for a while..sometimes i just have to make myself be in a good mood..

i think it affected my willingness with my exercises..but i did do them..i did 2 sets of exercises this evening and it did make me feel pretty good..i am really looking forward to being thin..i know i will get is just going to take some time..after all i didnt get this way over night..i went into my closet tonight and found a whole new wardrobe at least it will be when i go back to school..i know i will be an extra large and maybe smaller when i go back in the fall..wont that be cool!

right now i have a movie on the tube with john ritter as the bad guy..can you imagine john ritter playing a bad guy..! he was such a good guy..such a compassionate person..he left us way too early too..its pretty sad how so many people die at such young ages..if they had only known would they have taken the step to correct their illness..? probably but no one really knows..i have a heart problem too caused by the pondimun pill i took several years is mild but i could have a fatal heart attack..sometimes it really worries me, but i need to let the worry go and do what i can to make my health as good as maybe i will live a lot longer than people had told me before..of course we all know, that God is the only one who knows when we will die..we just need to make ourselves ready for that time..

i am going to make myself be in the best health i can possibly be in for the rest of my life..this is what i have to do if i wanna live to be an old woman..i would like to be like the old lady in the movie titanic and die comfortably in my bed..after i have lived an adventurous life..i did well ..i keep up with the calories now and exercise..its just a habit now..i am hoping the sun comes out tomorrow and makes us all feel like smiling..but iam okay..just get this way with the weather i guess..

hope you all have a wonderful night..


  1. Just caught up on your last few posts....sorry the weather has you down today, but overall you sound like you're doing great!! So glad to hear you're counting the calories and sticking with the exercising! :)

  2. I like the Flintstones pic. I saw that and thought, "yep, I'm going to go comment over there".

    Don't let the weather dictate the outcome of your day - whether it is sunny or cloudy. Today, despite what it may look like outside - is still a good day. Psalm 118:24

  3.'ve got that spark that brings sunshine on cloudy days. You got in your workout despite your mood...that is the stuff that success is made of...your dreams will become realities.

  4. Hi Kelli,
    I am sorry you had a down day. Andyou are right, only God knows when we die...
    I focus everyday on living my life and enjoying it.
    I feel lucky to have one.
    It is awesome to hear you say that you are in a new lifestyle.
    Seans way of eating and moving really works, doesn't it?
    When you set a calorie cap it takes the pressure off.
    Then it's just...What do I want to spend my calories on?
    Not...When should I stop?
    Have a great night.